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Clifford Chambers. Richard Sydney Smith

Richard Sydney Smith, miller, of Clifford Chambers Lodge. 1900s [The Smith family were millers in Clifford Chambers between 1872 and 1926.]

Clifford Chambers. William Hunt

William Hunt, farmer or farm worker, Clifford Chambers. 1890s


This bronze clock is dominated by a figure of Shakespeare which appears to be derived, from the Chandos and Chesterfield portraits. The scroll on the pillar to Shakespeare's left lists the plays (Hamlet, ...

Commemorative Medal - Celebrated Men Series

Designed in the eighteenth-century by Jean Dassier (d. 1763). This side features a representation of Shakespeare derived from the Chandos Portrait (c. 1610) attributed to John Taylor. Identity ...

Commemorative Medal - Celebrated Men Series

Designed in the eighteenth-century by Jean Dassier (d.1763). This side shows John Selden (1584-1654), scholar, historian and lawyer who became a leading figure in the Parliamentary opposition to Charles ...

Commemorative medal for the Tercentenary, 1864

A large bronze medal commemorating the 1864 Tercentenary. Designed by J (ohn) Bell, sculpted by L.C. Wyon, Hunt and Roskill dir.? Inscription. Obverse: bust of Shakespeare to left, surrounded by titles ...

Constance, Duchess of Westminster

A photographic portrait of Constance, the Duchess of Westminster (b.1875). She is wearing 18th century fancy dress. This photograph was taken at a costume ball, Bal Poudre, at Warwick Castle in 1895. ...


Ralph Nicholas Chubb (1892-1960) Contemplation, 1925 Oil on canvas 595mm x 490mm Portrait of a young man sitting on rocks by the sea. © The Estate of the Artist

Conversation On Elba

Julia L. Branton Conversation On Elba Ink on paper 270mm x 125mm An ink drawing of two men wearing coats and caps in conversation.

Copper Trade Token

These tokens were used as a form of substitute currency in the last quarter of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth century, due to insufficient availability of official copper coinage. ...

Copy of Shakespeare Monument Bust from Holy Trinity Church - front

This plaster-cast copy was made from the bust which forms part of the monument in Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare is buried. The monument was presumably commissioned by ...

Copy of the Chandos portrait by Ozias Humphrey, 1783

This drawing, commissioned by the scholar Edmund Malone, is a copy of the Chandos Portrait (c. 1610). On the reverse is written, in Malone's hand, his opinion that it is a very faithful copy and invaluable. ...

Cupid and Psyche

John Kirk Cupid and Psyche, 1847-1854 Oil on canvas 1420mm x 1130mm The tale of Cupid and Psyche dates back centuries. Possibly the earliest written tale appeared in the 2nd Century AD. In short, it is ...

Cutting Out Buttonholes

John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Cutting Out Buttonholes Pencil and charcoal on paper 280mm x 190mm This is one of many drawings collected in a large scrapbook.

Czechoslovak Army, Wolverhampton: Souvenir

Souvenir of the exhibition and concert of the Czechoslovak Army in Wolverhampton, October 1940. Inside there is attached a photograph of the Czech President, Dr Edvard Benes.

Czechoslovakian Quatercentenary Medal

This medal was struck in Czechoslovakia to commemorate the 400th anniversary in 1964 of Shakespeare's birth. Designed by M. Knobloch. Presented by a delegate to the 11th International Shakespeare Conference ...

D.T. Brock

Harold Barron D.T. Brock, c. 1950-1960 Oil on canvas 800mm x 675mm A portrait painting of D.T. Brock as an elderly gentleman. He is wearing black rimmed glasses and a dark blue suit and is sitting down ...

Daguerrotype Photograph

A small photograph with a silver appearance of a gentleman mounted within a frame. The frame would originally have had a lid to enable the picture to be viewed more easily. 75mm x 60mm.