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Horn beakers - four examples

L to R: Beaker with a coach and a gentleman riding his horse, with buildings beyond Beaker with a coach and various buildings, including an inn, and a leaf design around the rim Beaker with a ...

Kenilworth Castle

Sepia photograph By F. Bedford 63mm x 99mm This is a photograph of the ruins at Kenilworth Castle, taken from the Echo Field.

Kenilworth. Abbey Fields

Abbey Fields, Kenilworth. 1920s


Black and white photograph of fields with a windmill in the background.

Landscape and Cattle

Henry Draper Landscape and Cattle Watercolour on paper 235mm x 340mm A scene of fields and trees, with five cows lying down on the grass.

Landscape Scene

UntitledInk on paper330mm x 500mmA landscape scene with a river and hills in the background. A house, figures and cattle are pictured to the left of the scene.

Lighthorne. Village view

Lighthorne village and church as seen across the fields. August 14th 1956

Long Compton. Cottages

View of two cottages with fields and meadows in the background. Long Compton. 1930s

Long Itchington. Church

A view of Long Itchington Church from the south. 1950s

Long Itchington. Horse ploughing

Ploughing with horses and hand held plough at Long Itchington. January 16th 1957 [The man ploughing with the shire horse was Mr Dick Hunt He lived in the farm cottages on the Grimes farm at the start ...

long Itchington. Holy Trinity church

Holy Trinity church, Long Itchington, seen across the fields. November 28th 1956

Mancetter. View from the Church Tower

View of Mancetter from the church tower. 1960s

Marlcliff. View of River Avon

View of the River Avon from Marlcliff. 1950s

Marton. View across fields to St Esprit's Church

View looking across the fields towards St Esprit's church, Marton. July 13th 1957

Master George

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting the horse Master George. It was painted in 1870 by an artist from the English School. A painted inscription along the bottom reads 'MASTER GEORGE, 12 HANDS ...

Meadows At Shottery

J. Lawrence Hart (fl. 1872-1906 d. 1907) Meadows At Shottery Watercolour on paper 175mm x 235mm The painting depicts a view of sheep grazing in the fields at Shottery, Warwickshire.

Mill Stream Great Alne

N. Mary Ward (b.1863) Mill Stream Great Alne Watercolour on paper 275mm x 360mm A landscape scene of fields, trees and a stream at Great Alne, Warwickshire.

Moreton Paddox. Three Gates

View across the fields at Three Gates on The Fosseway, near Moreton Paddox. September 22nd 1955