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Radford Semele. Otter Hounds

Otter hounds and men by stream, Radford Semele. 1958

Radway. Warwickshire Hunt

Warwickshire Hunt on the Edgehill, Radway. 1900s

Raphael Holinshed, The... Chronicles, 1587, Printer's ornament, vol. 3, p.A3r, detail..

A Printer's header ornament on a Shakespeare sourcebook. The printer’s ornaments in many Elizabethan books have elaborate detail. In this volume hunters with their dogs confront a bear while ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Bear and ragged staff woodcut. Detail, p.84r, Y4r.

Printer's border ornament with bear and ragged staff, symbol of Shakespeare's county. The chained bear and its ragged staff were part of the emblem of the earls of Warwick, and remain to this day, ...

Rugby. Hunt steeplechases

Rugby Hunt steeplechase observers in a carriage. March 28th 1913

Rugby. Hunt steeplechases

Four men and a woman at the Rugby hunt steeplechases. March 28th 1913.

Rugby. Hunt steeplechases

Horses and their jockeys jumping one of the fences at Rugby steeplechases. March 28th 1913

Shipston on Stour. Hunt meet outside the George Hotel

The hunt meet outside the George Hotel, Shipston on Stour. 1940s

Shipston on Stour. Warwick Meet

The Warwick meet at Shipston. 1932

Simon Latham, Latham's falconry, 1615 - instructions for the mews, Book 2, p.11.

The care of hawks: a familiar occupation for Shakespeare. Falconry was not only a sport of the nobility. In Shakespeare's play The Merry Wives of Windsor Master Page invites his friends to early morning ...

Simon Latham, Latham's falconry, 1615 - title page book 2.

Petruchio talks of training his hawk in The Taming of The Shrew Petruchio who has won a wife with a fortune in The Taming of the Shrew, talks about training her to his wishes by starving her, and constraining ...

Simon Latham, Latham's falconry, 1615 - title page, [A1r].

A falconry handbook on a subject well known by Shakespeare. Falconry was a popular sport with the Elizabethan gentry and nobility. Latham’s handbook describes all aspects of ‘the princely ...

Southam. Market Hill, hunt meet

Hunt meet on the Market Hill; shows the huntsmen and hounds being watched by a small crowd, several horse drawn carriages are also in the photograph. Photo: no.3. Postmark 1907

Southam. Warwickshire Hounds

Meet of Warwickshire Hounds at the north end of Market Hill, opposite Archer's chemist; shows three members of the hunt, two on horseback, being watched by a small crowd. c.1938

Stoneleigh. Hunt meet

Riders, horses and hounds on road surrounded by countryside, possibly the drive to Stoneleigh Abbey. Horse-drawn carriage in distance. 1900s

Stoneleigh. Stoneleigh Abbey, hunt meet

Outside Stoneleigh Abbey. Meet of North Warwickshire Hunt, with riders, horses and carriages waiting for the hounds to arrive. 1900s

Stratford upon Avon. Cock Pens at Hathaway Farm

A worker displaying a game cock, such as was used in cockfighting, Hathaway Farm, Stratford upon Avon. 1920s

Tanworth in Arden. Umberslade Hunt

Hunt meet in Umberslade Park, Tanworth-in-Arden. 1910s