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Griff House, exterior.

Griff House, exterior. Mary Ann's home between 1820-41, the family moved here when she was 4 or 5 months old. She referred to it as " old, old home" (Gordon Haight's George Eliot's Letters, Volume ...

Hampton Lucy. Avon Ford Cottage Garden

Avon Ford Cottage garden, Hampton Lucy. Two women with flowers. 1900s

Harbury. Harbury Hall

Harbury Hall and garden forecourt, Harbury. September 1928

Harbury. Harbury Hall

Rear of Harbury Hall and gardens, Harbury. September 1928

Haselor. Village green

Lower Haselor village green. 1920

Henley in Arden. Rectory garden

Summer shelter in the Rectory garden with lady and dog, Henley in Arden. 1900s

Ilmington. Manor

Ilmington Manor. 1920s

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - Clove gilloflowers, p.472.

Carnations are the source for a Shakespearian argument in The Winter’s Tale. Gerarde described carnations [pinks] with their ancient name ‘clove gillivors’ and Shakespeare’s ...

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - hand drawn detail added to title page.

Garden detail replaced in an amateur way by an owner of a volume contemporary with Shakespeare. This copy of the first edition of Gerade’s Herball has original hand-colouring of all the illustrations ...

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - narcissus, p.108.

Flowers for enjoyment in Shakespeare's England. The Elizabethans loved colour of all kinds in their embroidered and decorated clothes. The often elaborate painted wall-hangings of their homes frequently ...

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - title-page

An owner of a volume contemporary with Shakespeare has replaced a missing title-page. The decorative title-pages of books have occasionally been damaged, or removed by their owners. This copy of ...

Kenilworth. Timbered cottages in Bridge Street

Timbered cottages in Bridge Street, Kenilworth. 1930s

Leamington Hastings. Manor House

View of The Manor House, Leamington Hastings, showing the southern elevation which was completed in 1827. 1920s

Leamington Spa. Buckle's Laboratory

Building at end of garden of No 5 Beauchamp Square, Leamington Spa, built by Samuel Buckle. Probably to be used as a photographic studio or scientific laboratory. 1880s

Leek Wootton. Vicarage

The vicarage and gardens at Leek Wootton. 1900s

Lighthorne. Cottages

Church cottages in Lighthorne. 1930s [The front cottage on the left is now called "Fairview" and the cottage on the right has now being demolished]

Lillington. Yucca plant in garden

Yucca plant growing in the front garden of M.G.C. Achers of Lillington. 1951

Long Compton. Cottage gardens

Cottage gardens at Long Compton. 1930s