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Bilton. Post Office

View of street, showing George Inn and thatched post office, Bilton. 1930s

Bilton. R.C. Church

The Roman Catholic Church, Bilton. 1930s

Bilton. Row of cottages

Row of cottages in Bilton, prior to their demolition. 1936

Bilton. Rugby Road

Horse and cart outside cottages in Bilton. 1920s

Bilton. Saint Mark's Church, interior

Interior of St Mark's church, Bilton. 1930s

Bilton. St Mark's Church

Saint Mark's church, Bilton, as seen from the park. 1920s

Bilton. St Mark's Church

Saint Mark's church and entrance gates, Bilton. 1920s

Bilton. St Mark's Church

St Mark's Church, Bilton. 1900s

Bilton. St. Mark's School

St. Mark's School, Bilton. 1950s [The school was situated in Bawnmore Road, now The Crescent. The headmaster was Mr Webster and the younger children stayed at the old school in the Main Street under ...

Bilton. Street scene

A street scene in Bilton including a cycle shop and post office. 1930s

Bilton. Street scene

A village street in Bilton with a school on the right. 1930s

Bilton. Street scene

A village street in Bilton. 1930s

Bilton. Street scene

Street scene in Bilton showing chapel. 1910s

Bilton. Village green with the cross

Bilton village green with the cross.

Bilton. Woods & Sons

C.T. Woods & Sons, market gardeners. Entrance and buildings. 1910s


A large 'bargee' earthenware jug with a crabstock handle 1880 It has a dark brown glaze and is decorated with moulded flowers and vases painted in green and pale pink. Underneath the spout are the words ...

Leg Irons

A pair of 'cuff' shaped leg irons, from Bilton Grange. The pair have one iron bar running through the open end of the two.

Rugby. Bilton Green

The Green at Bilton showing the Manor House. The thatched cottage on the right is described as 'Arthur Law's cottage'. The base of the Cross was re-set in 1897. c.1900