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Alcester. Coronation street race

Street with school and shops, decorated with bunting for Coronation celebration. Crowd watching men racing in the street, Alcester. 1953

Alcester. Cricket match

A bowler in action in a cricket match, Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. Crowd of people outside the Co-op Stores

A crowd of people in Alcester High Street, reason unknown. 1930s

Alcester. Crowd scene

Crowd watching a motor car belonging to Col. Lewis of Park Hall, Salford Priors. Number plate DA818. Containing the first Alcester man to volunteer in 1914, Alcester.

Alcester. Decorated bicycles

A group of men and women each with decorated bicycles. Circa 1890

Alcester. Delivering flour by horse and wagon

One of J L Sisam's teams from Arrow Mill, Alcester, delivering flour to a bakery. This wagon carried 5 tons. George Clark, coach-builder of Arrow, maintained four of these wagons and Ged Clark used it ...

Alcester. Demolition of cottages in Bleachfield Street

Cottages being demolished in Bleachfield Street, Alcester. April 1960 [Bleachfield Almhouses were founded in 1680 by George Ingram.]

Alcester. Derelict bodkin factory

Exterior of derelict bodkin factory in Malt Mill Lane, Alcester. 1967

Alcester. Evesham Street

Evesham Street, showing pub on left hand side with delivery van, Alcester. 1950s

Alcester. Evesham Street

Evesham Street, Alcester, with The Lion Inn in the foreground. 1940s

Alcester. Excelsior Works

Excelsior Works in Malt Mill Lane, Alcester Needle Makers Society, Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. Fire Brigade

First steam fire engine c.1902, showing firemen with water hoses. Alcester Parish Council written on the side of the fire engine.

Alcester. Flood

A flooded street in Alcester showing the Cross Keys public house. People viewing from first floor windows and doorways of terraced houses. 1 June 1924.

Alcester. G H Hopkins cycle shop

G H Hopkins cycle shop on corner of Church St and Malt Mill Lane with shopkeeper and cycles outside. 1900

Alcester. Gathering in front of the church

A large public gathering outside St Nicholas church, Alcester. 1920s

Alcester. Golf Club

A group of people outside a hut in or around Alcester. There is a golf bag in the foreground. These could be golfers outside the clubhouse however no golf club now exists in Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. Golf course grass-cutter

Grass-cutting vehicle on Alcester golf course. Two men and a girl riding on it. 1950s

Alcester. Golf course grass-cutting

Grass-cutting vehicle on Alcester golf course. Two men and girl seated on it. 1950s