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Atherstone. Woodman Yard

Woodman Yard, formerly Wheatsheaf Yard, looking towards Long Street, Atherstone. Vero's Terrace to left. The Woodman pub faced Station Street. 1900s

Atherstone. Woods Yard

Woods Yard looking towards Long Street, Atherstone. 1900s

Atherstone. Yard

Yard (unnamed) looking towards Long Street, Atherstone. Women sitting and standing in Yard. 1900.

Coach Starting from the Rutland Arms, Newmarket, for London

James and George Temple Coach Starting From The Rutland Arms, Newmarket, For London Watercolour on paper 495mm x 785mm The brothers James Temple (1843 – 1921) and George Temple (1847 – 1910) worked together ...

Coleshill. High Street, Clock Yard

Clock Yard, High Street, Coleshill, home of "Clockie" Leeson. 1950s

Corner Of The Courtyard, Leycester's Hospital

Ink on paperA Corner Of The Courtyard, Leycester's Hospitalby W W Keyworth 310mm x 250mm This picture depicts a view of the courtyard at the Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick. There is a drawing of the ...

Courtyard In Spain

Christopher Hall Courtyard In Spain, 1927-1929 Oil on canvas 990mm x 750mm View of a courtyard with trees and a balcony and a blanket hung over a washing line.

Courtyard, Italy

A sepia photograph of the view of a courtyard in a church or palace in Italy. 187mm x 253mm

Dordon. Church Road, joint wash house

Joint wash house and an outbuilding at back of houses in Church Road, Dordon. 1970s

Far Eastern Temple Building

Unknown artist Far Eastern Temple Building Ink on silk screen print 675mm x 575mm The print depicts the inside of a temple courtyard, with pagoda-style buildings and trees and hills beyond.

Griff House, back door.

Griff House, back door. Mary Ann's home between 1820-41, the family moved here when she was 4 or 5 months old. She referred to it as " old, old home" (Gordon Haight's George Eliot's Letters, Volume ...

Hampton Court Back Yards, Park Street, Leamington Spa

The back yards at Hampton Court, Park Street, Leamington Spa. The photograph is from the 1947 Development Plan of Leamington Spa Borough Council.

Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick

A black and white photograph of the empty courtyard of the Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick. 166mm x 215mm

Nuneaton. Abbey Street

A typical court in Abbey Street, Nuneaton. The ribbon weavers would live and carry on their work in rooms leading on to courts such as this one. Abbey Street had much housing of this type which must ...

Nuneaton. Bull's Head Passage, Broad Street

View in Broad Street, Nuneaton, showing the Bull's Head passage leading to Abbey Street. August 15th 1976

Residents of Ford's Hospital in the Courtyard

Showing thirteen women dressed in caps and cloaks.

Rugby. Backstreets

View of backstreets including hotel and St Andrew's Church spire in the background, Rugby.[The road on the left is Church Street, one of the main streets, the building in the centre of theimage is the ...

Rugby. The Spinney

The Spinney, which no longer exists, looking into Little Church Street, Rugby. 1914 [The Spinney does still exist, it runs up the side of the present Little Church Street car park.]