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Bronze Belt Clip

Such bronze clips were found in male burials at Bidford. This one was found in association with a shield decoration. 6th Century A.D. 76mm long 1922/23 excavations (Grave 33)

Bronze cylinders

These small metal tubes were probably lace tags, from the ends of leather thongs, which may have fastened the bag containing the miniature buckets around the neck. AD 410 - AD 600

Bronze diamond-shaped brooch

The surface of this brooch has been coated with a white metal (perhaps tin) to make it look like silver. The pattern is made up of diamond shapes and was probably copied from designs on textiles imported ...

Bronze disc brooch – front

Bronze disc brooch with ring and dot decoration. AD 410 - AD 600

Bronze Pendant

This pendant was found near the miniature bucket pendants. This type of disc-shaped pendant is sometimes found as an ornament on full-size bronze and wood buckets. It could have had a symbolic value. AD ...

Bronze Pin

Bronze breast pin with faceted head. 6th Century A.D. 155mm long 1922/23 excavations (Grave 28)

Bronze small-long brooch

Bronze small-long brooch with a cross potent head. AD 410 - AD 600

Bronze 'Spangle'

This small triangle of metal may have been part of a string of beads, and would have sparkled and jangled. AD 410 - AD 600

Bronze 'Stud'

This worn disc-headed bronze stud was old when it was placed into the bag at the Cunning Woman’s left hip. It may have been an heirloom or amulet. The other surface is plain. AD 410 - AD 600


This is a metal brooch with a pin fastening at the back. The brooch has traces of engraved decoration and bronze inlay on the front. The brooch is said to have been worn by Lobengula, the last king of ...


This is a carved ivory brooch from China. The deep relief carving depicts a scene of a group of figures and buildings with trees in the background. The brooch has a matching earring.


An oval broach decorated with a mosaic style colour view of St Peter's Basilica in Rome within a black surround. The clasp is missing.


A Circular metal mesh brooch, from India, with a central hole and pin fastening at the back.


A silver and enamel brooch showing a tree on a blue background. It was made by Jane Moore in November 1998.


Silver and enamel brooch depicting Jane Moore holding a craft tool and Neil Moore holding a paint brush, on a blue background with stars. It was made by Jane Moore in November 1998.

Cameo Brooch

An oval cameo brooch which is brown in colour with gold backing. The brooch depicts a male figure, Poseidon (Greek) or Neptune (Latin), holding a trident. Poseidon was the Greek God of the sea and consort ...


A chain mail type gold band choker with an oval clasp. The clasp is set at one end and is decorated with black and brown stones. At the other end are three gold tassles.

Disc Brooch

A circular brooch with a design of five punched ring and dot decoration. AD 410 - AD 600