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Nuneaton. Bert Healy in the Palace Cinema film room

Mr Bert Healey at number one projector in the projection box at the Palace Cinema, Queens Road, Nuneaton. January 28th 1972

Nuneaton. Bond Street

Bond Street and the Hippodrome Theatre, Nuneaton. 1926

Nuneaton. Broad Street and Queen's Road

Properties on the corner of Broad Street and Queen's Road, Nuneaton. The Palace cinema can just be seen to the extreme left of the picture. October 3rd 1966

Nuneaton. Burgage Place

View along Burgage Place towards Abbey Street, Nuneaton, with the Scala cinema building on the left. 9 April 1978

Nuneaton. C. Justin at the A.B.C. "Ritz" Cinema

Mr Charles Justin, chief projectionist in the projection room at The A.B.C "Ritz" cinema in Nuneaton. November 24th 1967

Nuneaton. Demolition of the Old Hippodrome Theatre

[View from near the entrance to the upper circle looking down to the stage during part demolition of the Hippodrome Theatre,Nuneaton.] September 14th 1968

Nuneaton. Hippodrome Theatre

Hippodrome Theatre, Bond Street, Nuneaton. 1900s

Nuneaton. Hippodrome Theatre

Hippodrome Theatre in Bond gate, Nuneaton. September 28th 1959

Nuneaton. Palace Cinema at night

The Palace cinema in Queen's Road, Nuneaton, taken at night. December 20th 1966

Nuneaton. Palace Cinema foyer

View of the foyer at the Palace Cinema, Nuneaton. May 27th 1971

Nuneaton. Part demolition of the Old Hippodrome Theatre

[Part demolition of the Hippodrome Theatre, Nuneaton,showing the view from the stalls looking up to the roof and upper circle.] September 14th 1968

Nuneaton. Queen's Road, Palace Cinema

Palace Cinema, Queen's Road, Nuneaton. 9 April 1978

Pavilion, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph of the stage inside the Pavilion, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. View looking up at the ceiling above the stage. Work is being done and there is a workman sitting to the left ...

Picture Card: The Loft Theatre, Leamington Spa

A picture card entitled The Loft Theatre It is card number 15 in a pack of picture cards. These would have been collected from tea or cigarette packets. The series depicts Royal Leamington Spa 1970 and ...

Railway Poster - Theatre Antique D'Orange

Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée Railway A Poster advertising the Theatre Antique d'Orange. It depicts an amphitheatre at night.

Regent Grove, Leamington Spa

A view of Leamington Theatre on Regent Grove, Leamington Spa, before it became the Regent Cinema in 1934.

Royal Spa Centre Stage, Leamington Spa

This photograph of the inside of the Royal Spa Centre, Leamington Spa, was taken by Simon S. Browne. The stage has a piano and stool set on it and is surrounded by flowers. The Royal Spa Centre was opened ...

Royal Spa Centre Theatre, Leamington Spa

A view of the balcony and stage of the theatre at the Royal Spa Centre, October 1972. This photograph was taken four months after the Royal Spa Centre opened as an entertainment venue in Leamington Spa....