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Horses in a Corner of a Farm

John Frederick Herring (1795-1865) Horses in a Corner of a Farm Oil on board 360mm x 490mm A view of horses standing in a stream, or pond. There are farm buildings to the right and left and ducks to the ...

Latten Bells

A set of five latten brass bells fastened to a sprung metal bracket with two long points at the ends. The bells would have been used to decorate a horse.

Leamington Spa. Cart horse parade

Cart horse parade, Leamington Spa. 1907

Leamington Spa. Cart horse parade

Corporation Cart Horse Parade, Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa. 1910

Leamington Spa. Corporation cart horse parade

Corporation Cart Horse parade in Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa. 1907

Leamington Spa. Kenilworth Road, horse and cart

Two men with a horse and cart at the rear of Radford House, Kenilworth Road, Leamington Spa. 1900s

Long Itchington. Horse ploughing

Ploughing with horses and hand held plough at Long Itchington. January 16th 1957 [The man ploughing with the shire horse was Mr Dick Hunt He lived in the farm cottages on the Grimes farm at the start ...

Long Itchington: Ploughing Competition

Black and white photograph of a ploughing competition at Long Itchington. There are two large horses in the foreground, and a man in the background. The photograph is mounted on white card.

Nell the Rat Hunter

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a dog rat-catching with two men in a country setting. In the bottom left corner is an inscription which reads 'by Jno. Whitehead 1852' and there is also a ...

Northend. Lamp oil storage tanks

W Harrison's large storage tanks for lamp oils at Northend, which were noted for being the best American lamp oil. 1900s.

Nuneaton. Webb's Horse

Webb's horse, Nuneaton. 1900s

Oldberrow. Man and horse at Oldberrow Court.

A man, probably the farmer at Court Farm, Oldberrow, and one of his working horses. 1945

Portrait of Mr Bull

A sepia photograph by Mason, of a gentleman with a stick standing beside a horse. The gentleman is Mr Bull. 62mm x 102mm.

Prize Bull and Prize Cabbage

This is an oil painting on panel depicting a prize bull and prize cabbage, as well as a house, dog and a woman. It is signed and dated in the bottom left corner, 'Williams 1802' and it is likely this ...

Rugby. Little Church Street

A horse and cart waits outside "The Dog and Gun", Little Church Street, Rugby. 1900

Salford Priors. Carrying hay through the River Avon

A load of hay being pulled through the River Avon by horses, near to Salford Priors. 1920s

South View of Fen End Farm

This is a watercolour and ink image of Fen End Farm. We only know the artist's initials, 'M.S.L.' but an inscription in ink along the bottom says 'The South View of Fen End Farm Drawn 20th August 1790'. ...

Southam. Warwickshire Hounds

Meet of Warwickshire Hounds at the north end of Market Hill, opposite Archer's chemist; shows three members of the hunt, two on horseback, being watched by a small crowd. c.1938