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Letter from Buckingham Palace

A letter from Buckingham Palace bearing the royal crest with the signature of George V stamped in ink. It was originally accompanied by a medal commemorating the life of Private Henry Harold Burford. ...

Napton on the Hill. Cenotaph

The Cenotaph, Napton on the Hill. 1920s

Napton on the Hill. War memorial in St Lawrence church

War Memorial in St Lawrence's church, Napton on the Hill. 1900s

North End. Green and war memorial

North End village green and war memorial. 1920s

Northend. Post Office

Cottages, Post Office and War Memorial, Northend. 1930s

Nuneaton. Art Gallery and Museum

The art gallery, museum and war memorial in Riversley Park, Nuneaton. 1950s

Nuneaton. Boer War memorial

Boer War memorial, Nuneaton. 1900s

Nuneaton. General Buller at Boar War Memorial

Large crowd at unveiling of War Memorial. 1905

Nuneaton. General Buller unveiling Boer War Memorial

General Buller unveiling the Boer War memorial. 1905

Pailton. War memorial

View of Pailton with the war memorial in the foreground. 1920s

Pailton. War memorial

Village street in Pailton, with the war memorial and a water pump in the foreground and cottages and two cars in the background. 1930s

Pailton. War memorial and cottages

War memorial, water pump and cottages in Pailton. 1920s

Polesworth. Parish Church

Polesworth parish church and war memorial (1939-45). 1959

Preston on Stour. Village view

Village view with cottages and war memorial, Preston on Stour. 1961

Preston on Stour. Village view

Village view with timbered house and war memorial, Preston on Stour. 1961

Priors Hardwick. War Memorial

View of the War memorial and the houses behind it, Priors Hardwick. 1920s

Priors Marston. Hill View School and Monument

'Hill View School and Monument'. 1920s

Priors Marston. War Memorial

The war memorial in Priors Marston. 1950s