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Alveston. Village street

Village Street, Alveston. 1920s

Alveston. Village view

A view of Alveston village. 1920s

Amiens, France

A sepia photograph of the church and town at Amiens. 207mm x 162mm


Elizabeth Whitehead (1854-1934) Amsterdam Watercolour on paper 400mm x 295mm A view of the waterfront at Amsterdam, Holland. Elizabeth and her brother Frederick studied art under the direction of ...

Ansley. Road works

Road repairs, Ansley. 1925

Ansty. Cottages

Street with a row of cottages in Ansty. 1910s

Ansty. Village scene

Street with thatched cottage and public house, showing children standing in front of a cottage, Ansty. 1900s


Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Antwerp Ink on paper 90mm x 145mm A scene at the harbour in Antwerp, Belgium. The inscription at the bottom reads: "'Antwerp' unfinished plate, only proof". ...

Ardens Grafton. Horse and cart in village

Horse and cart in village street with men and children standing by. 1900s

Ardens Grafton. Street scene

Ardens Grafton a street scene. 1910s

Ardens Grafton. Village scene

Ardens Grafton village. 1900s

Ardens Grafton. Village scene

Ardens Grafton village scene. 1910s

Ardens Grafton. Village scene

A street in Ardens Grafton. A family out cycling. 1956

Ardens Grafton. Village street

Village street, cottages, man with hand cart, Ardens Grafton. 1910s

Ardens Grafton. Village view

A view of Ardens Grafton. 1900s

Arrow. Cottages

Cottages and view of Arrow. 1900s

Arrow. Cottages

Cottages in Arrow. The white building at the end is an unusual tollhouse, in that it has two doors, one facing each road. 1930s

Arrow. Ragley Park

Village scene in Arrow showing the edge of Ragley Park on the left of the picture. 1904