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Coleshill. Mr. H. A. Dabbs

Mr. George Hartley Dabbs standing alongside a pony and trap in which women and children are seated. Another woman is standing in front of the horse. Coleshill. 1910s

Coleshill. Peace carnival

Decorated horse and cart with five men and women in fancy costume at the "Peace Carnival" in Coleshill. July 19th, postmark 1921

Coombe Abbey. 4th South Midland (Howitzer) Battery

Two officers from 4th South Midland (Howitzer) Battery at Coombe Abbey. 1913

Coombe Abbey. 4th South Midland (Howitzer) Battery

C.O., Major and Adjutant of the 4th South Midland (Howitzer) Battery at Coombe Abbey. 1913

Country Fete

This oil painting on panel depicts people at a fete in the grounds of a house and was painted by the English School about 1840. It was originally joined to another panel called 'Country Procession'. ...

Country Fete and Procession

These are two panel paintings which were originally joined which are painted by an English School about 1840. One shows people at a fete in the grounds of a house, and the other, people arriving at the ...

Country Procession

This panel painting depicts people arriving at a Country Fete on foot, horseback and by carriage. Some are making a tour of the allotment gardens. This painting was originally joined to Country Fete, ...

Courtyard, Warwick Castle

A view of Warwick Castle courtyard, looking towards Guy's Tower and the Gatehouse. Two gardeners are cutting the grass with the help of a horse drawn mower. This photograph was taken between 1880 ...

Courtyard, Warwick Castle

Two gardeners in Warwick Castle courtyard, looking towards the Gatehouse and Caesar's Tower. One is mowing the grass, while the other tends a horse. This photograph was taken in the 1880s.

Cubbington. Bread delivery by donkey and trap

Bread purveyor with donkey and trap delivering bread in Cubbington. 1900s

Cubbington. Coal merchant

Coal merchant delivering coal in Cubbington by horse and cart. 1900s

Cubbington. Sam Cleaver, village milkman

Mr Sam Cleaver, Cubbington village milkman with his horse and cart. 1919

Cubbington. W. Richardson, carrier

W. Richardson, carrier of Cubbington with his horse and cart. 1930

Cubbington. William Franks on his milkround

William Franks, milkman, seated in his horsedrawn milkcart in Cubbington. He bought the business from Charles Pickering of "Stonehouse", Cubbington. Mr Franks died in 1949. 1920s

Dunchurch. Houses in Daventry Road

Houses in Daventry Road, Dunchurch. Also showing horse and cart from Pridmores, coal and corn merchants. 1900s

Dunchurch. Railway Station

The King's horses at Dunchurch railway station when the King came to review the troops. March 1915

Eastwood's Crown Brewery

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting Eastwood's Crown Brewery. There is a painted inscription in the lower left corner which reads 'EASTWOOD'S CROWN BREWERY'. There is also another inscription ...

Flecknoe. Old Olive Bush Public House

The Old Olive Branch public house, Flecknoe. Sign reading: "Phipp's Northampton noted ales and stout, wines and spirits." Two working horses with small cart. Small boy holding bridle. 1920s. ...