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Gunsmith's sign

This gunsmith's sign, shaped as a double-barrelled rifle, is made of tole peintre [wood and metal] and has traces of its original coloured paint (polychrome). It is French. Height 525mm, Length 2910mm, ...

Hartshill. Church

Hartshill church and a house (?Chapel End) possibly belonging to Major Lees. 1900s

Hartshill. Princes Road

Princes Road, Hartshill. 1920s [This photograph has been identified as being of Princes Road, Stoke-in-Trent. It can be found on page 92 in the book of postcards from the past, the Potteries by Dennis ...

Hartshill. The Avenue

The Avenue, Hartshill. 1910 [It has been pointed out that this photograph is in Stoke-on Trent]

Haselor. Smithy

W. Groves smithy at Haselor. 1900s

Hatter's sign

This is a tole peintre [painted sheet metal] hatter's sign, shaped as a top hat. It probably dates from the late 19th century. Height 240mm, Length 380mm, Width 290mm

Henley in Arden. Golden Cross Hotel

The Golden Cross Hotel, High Street, Henley in Arden. 1920s

Henley in Arden. High Street

High Street, Henley in Arden, showing the Parish church. 1933 [I have this postcard postally used on 27th Dec 1928]

Henley in Arden. Market Cross

The market cross, Henley in Arden. 1920s [I have this postcard in my possession, I have dated it between 1933 and 1937]

Henley in Arden. New Road

Houses in New Road, Henley-in-Arden with people standing outside. Unidentified small horse drawn wagon in the background. 1900s

Henley in Arden. South End

South End, Henley in Arden. 1920s

Hillmorton. High Street

Demolished buildings and Phipps' shop on High Street, Hillmorton. 1961 [It has been pointed out that this building is not a shop but in fact the end view of The Red Lion public house. Phipps is the ...

Ilmington. Cottages

Cottages in the centre of Ilmington. 1900s

Ilmington. Street and the green

A view of the village and green showing the Howard Arms Inn, Ilmington. 1959

Ilmington. Village well

Ilmington village well and some cottages. 1900s

Kineton. Banbury Street

Banbury Street in Kineton showing the ironmonger S.P. Grimes with hardware stocked outside the shop. 1950s

Kineton. Southam Street

Southam Street, Kineton, showing shop and cottages. 1910s

Kineton. Warwick Road

Warwick Road, Kineton, showing cottages and brick housing. 1920s