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Ashorne. Hill Farm

Front view of Ashorne Hill Farm. 1935

Ashorne. Hill Farm

Rear view of Ashorne Hill Farm. 1935

Astley. Astley Castle

Astley Castle and Church 1899. [It has come to our attention this photo is a negative from the Sir Benjamin Stone Collection, reference 'Stone 25/4'. Sir Benjamin Stone died in 1914. ]

Aston Cantlow. Large country house

Large country house in Aston Cantlow. 1930s

Aston Hall Medal

Birmingham medal, c.1858 Diameter 45mm Medal struck to celebrate the opening of Aston Hall by Queen Victoria in 1858. The obverse features the bust of Queen Victoria facing left and the inscription ...

Atherstone. Arden House

Arden House, Atherstone. 1880s [In fact a picture of Arden Hill, South Street, Atherstone and is across the road from Arden House. ]

Atherstone. Parish fete

Musical Drill being performed by the infants at Atherstone parish fete on the lawn of a large house in July 1905. This large Victorian mansion was built in the 1860s by the Sale family. Known as The ...

Attleborough. Attleborough Hall.

View of Attleborough Hall from the road, showing the tower and cupola. 1900s

Baddesley Clinton Hall.

The courtyard, Baddesley Clinton Hall. 1920s

Baddesley-Clinton Hall

J. Lawrence Hart (fl. 1872-1906 d. 1907) Baddesley-Clinton Hall Ink on paper 110mm x 160mm A view of Baddesley-Clinton Hall, Warwickshire.

Baginton. Baginton Hall

East view of Baginton Hall. Middle section derelict. 1920s

Barford. Barford Hill House

Front exterior of Barford Hill House. March 9th 1953

Barford. Dining room at Barford Hill House

Dining room at Barford Hill House. March 9th 1953

Barford. Sitting room at Barford Hill House

Sitting room at Barford Hill House. March 9th 1953.

Barnacle. Barnacle Hall

Barnacle Hall, Barnacle, near Coventry showing part of garden. Note date stone 1745

Barton on the Heath. Barton House

Exterior view of Barton House, Barton on the Heath. 1900s

Beausale. Kites Nest

View of Kites Nest House, Beausale. 1900s

Bickmarsh Hall.

Rear view of Bickmarsh Hall, showing house with tennis lawn and deckchairs and metal seat. 1927