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Astley. Post Office

Post Office and cottages in Astley. 1900s

Atherstone. Coleshill Street

Coleshill Street, Atherstone, with terraced houses and lamp posts. Three figures, one a boy with trolley. 1910s

Atherstone. Friary Road

Friary Road, Atherstone. 1960s

Atherstone. Lister Road

Council estate, Lister Road Atherstone. 1960s

Atherstone. View towards the town

A country scene, somewhere near Atherstone. 1800s

Atherstone. Vinraces Row

Row of terraced houses and their gardens in Vinraces Row, Long Street. 1950s

Attleborough. Lutterworth Road & Highfield Road junction

Workmen repairing a wall at the junction of Lutterworth road and Highfield road, Nuneaton. 1920s

Attleborough. Park Avenue

Group of children and pony and trap in Park Avenue, Attleborough. 1900s

Auction Catalogue

A black and white printed auction catalogue with a black and white drawing of flats on the front cover. It advertises the sale of 45 high-class flats in Leamington Spa by Locke & England, 1961.

Autumn Tints

John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Autumn Tints Watercolour on paper 260mm x 355mm A scene with a house, field and trees. There are clothes drying on a line to the left.

Bablake Courtyard

Elizabeth Whitehead (1854-1934) Bablake Courtyard, Coventry Watercolour on paper 255mm x 305mm Elizabeth and her brother Frederick studied art under the direction of the Leamington based artist John ...

Baddesley-Clinton Hall

J. Lawrence Hart (fl. 1872-1906 d. 1907) Baddesley-Clinton Hall Ink on paper 110mm x 160mm A view of Baddesley-Clinton Hall, Warwickshire.

Barford. Church Street

Church Street, Barford, looking towards the church. 1958

Barton. Main Street looking west

The main street in Barton, looking west. A man and his bicycle are seen standing in the road. Circa 1910

Bearley. Snitterfield Road

Snitterfield Road, Bearley, with unusual water pump? on roadside. Children standing in road and cottages to left. 1900s

Bedworth. All Saints Terrace

Timber framed housing in All Saints Terrace, Bedworth taken from the graveyard. 1950s

Bedworth. Coventry Road

Coventry Road, Bedworth. Street scene with children and adults walking along pavement. 1900s

Bedworth. Coventry Road

Coventry Road, Bedworth. People walking along street and stopping to talk to one another. 1900s