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Railway Poster - Wenduyne On Sea

Belgian National Railways A poster advertising the Belgian National Railways and Wenduyne On Sea. The poster depicts a woman in traditional dress surrounded by flowers. There is a windmill, sunset and ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Confessional prayer, p.56v.

The Christian life to be followed by Elizabethans. This prayer asks for forgiveness of sins and is flanked by flowers, a quotation and a woodcut on the sense of smell. Smells, both pleasant and unpleasant, ...


David Alison (1882-1955) Roses Oil on canvas 250mm x 340mm A still life painting of roses.


Emily Ledbrook (fl. 1886-1932) Roses, 1928 Oil on canvas 410mm x 540mm Still life of a vase containing red and pink roses with a bunch of red, white and pink roses to the right. Emily Ledbrook is though ...


Marion Jones Roses, 1920 Oil on canvas 490mm x 390mm Still life painting of a green vase containing six white and pink roses.

Roses And Still

David Alison (1882-1955) Roses And Still Life, 1938 Oil on canvas 425mm x 380mm A still life painting of roses and an orange coloured bowl.

Scarlet Fungi

Emily Ledbrook (fl. 1886-1932) Scarlet Fungi, 1921 Watercolour on paper 190mm x 275mm An oval shaped painting of five mushrooms with red spotted tops and white stalks.

Sea Holly

Tessa Beaver (born 1932) Sea Holly Oil on board 605mm x 760mm A still life painting of sea holly and rocks. Tessa Beaver studied at the Slade School of Art, London. She has been working as a printmaker ...

Shipping Poster - Holland

Batavier and Zeeland Lines A poster from Zeeland advertising Holland in bulbtime. The poster depicts a man with a dog beside a canal and barge. There are fields of different coloured tulips opposite.

Still Life

Giovanni Battista Invernizzi Still Life, 1958-1961 Oil on canvas 300mm x 500mm Still life of flowers in a glass vase on a table top, there is a piece of fruit to the left.

The Cactus Bloom

Kathleen Allen (Kay) (1906-1983) The Cactus Blooms, 1961 Oil on canvas Kay was at the Royal College of Art with Dick Hosking and Alma Ramsey and became a lifelong friend. She was badly crippled by tuberculosis ...

The Edge of the Cliff, Newlyn

Benjamin Haughton (1865-1924) The Edge of the Cliff, Newlyn Oil on canvas 639mm x 560mm A moonlit scene looking out to sea at Newlyn, Cornwall. There are cowslips and other plants in the foreground.

Travel Poster - Amalfi, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Amalfi, Italy. It depicts a coast scene with a beach and buildings. There are red geraniums in the foreground.

Travel Poster - Bellagio, Italy

Italian State Tourist Department A poster advertising Bellagio, Italy. It depicts Lake Como with an island, mountains and flowers.

Travel Poster - Vitznau, Switzerland

A poster advertising Vitznau, Switzerland. It depicts a girl in a red dress with her back to the viewer standing beside a lake. The figure is surrounded by pink and white blossom and flowers with mountains ...


Leslie George Hunter (1879-1931) Tulips Oil on canvas 670mm x 550mm Hunter became involved with the artists J.D. Fergusson and S.J. Peploe, who brought the ideas of Post-Impressionism to Scottish art ...


Nigel Rolfe (born 1950) Digital photographic print, 2003 1018mm x 880mm A black and white print on paper of a dead flower.


Emily Ledbrook (fl. 1886-1932) Untitled Oil on canvas 358mm x 512mm This broadly painted image of freshly cut tulips lying in a basket was produced by Ledbrook, who is thought to have been a pupil of ...