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Colliss Sketchbook - Guy's Cliff Mill

William Colliss (d.1926) Guy's Cliff Mill (Water), Said To Be 800 Years Old, Saturday August 10th 1867 This drawing is from a portfolio containing 41 pages of sketches and watercolour paintings. It was ...

Cubbington. Windmill

Windmill at the top of Windmill Hill, Cubbington. Demolished in 1870. 1860s

Eathorpe. Mill House

The Mill House, Eathorpe with group of workers and their horses and carts. Before 1903

Edgehill. Remains of post windmill

Remains of an old wooden post mill at Edgehill. 1890s Seaby lists three windmills: Ratley (Edgehill) - Post mill built by 1561. Recorded 1619; (21 October 1642). 1697 Ratley Grange - possibly the ...

Farmer and his Prize Heifer

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting Henry Hamilton, a servant of farmer Ralph Walker, holding the rope of a prize heifer. It was painted by an artist of the English Provincial School about 1844. ...

Fenny Compton. Post windmill

The Post Mill which stood on Mill Hill, above Fenny Compton. Built in the 18th century, possibly older. Tarred, open trestle, 4 common sails, ladder, tailpole and 2 pairs stones. It collapsed when ...

Great Alne. Mill

Great Alne mill and garden. 1920s

Guy's Cliff Mill

Stereoscopic card 80mm x 175mm A card on which two similar black and white Victorian photographs of Guy's Cliff Mill, near Warwick, are mounted. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a stereoscopic ...

Halford. Mill on the Stour

The water mill on the River Stour, Halford. 1920s

Hampton Lucy. Charlecote Mill

The water-mill on River Avon, Hampton Lucy. 1920s

Hampton Lucy. Charlecote Mill

Charlecote water mill, Hampton Lucy. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Charlecote Mill

The River Avon at Hampton Lucy looking towards Charlecote Mill. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Charlecote Mill and River Avon

View of the River Avon and mill at Hampton Lucy. 1900s

Hampton Lucy. Charlecote Mill in flood

Charlecote water mill in flood, Hampton Lucy. 1931

Hampton Lucy. Water mill

Watermill known as Charlecote Mill, Hampton Lucy. 1950s

Hampton Lucy. Charlecote Mill

Charlecote water mill, rear elevation. Photograph taken by G. Barrowclough Esq., Rugby School. 1930s

Harbury. Church Street

Church Street, Harbury looking towards the wind mill showing the post office, bank and shops. 1950s

Harbury. Windmill and Montgomery House

The windmill and Montgomery House, Mill Lane, Harbury. 1900s Built between 1802 and 1812. Had 4 common sails and staging. Ceased work by sail 1911-12, sails off early 1920s, stocks off 1934. Subsequently ...