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Nuneaton. Gipsy Lane

Gipsy Lane, Nuneaton, in the snow with a bus passing. 1950

Nuneaton. Gipsy Lane, snow scene

Snow scene in Gipsy Lane looking towards Sterling Metals factory on 12th December 1981

Nuneaton. Gipsy Lane, under snow

Snow on Gipsy Lane, Nuneaton. 1955

Nuneaton. Griff Hollows, snow scene

Road at Griff Hollows in snow, Nuneaton. 1950

Nuneaton. Grifff Arm in the snow

Frozen canal in Red Deeps, near Griff Hollows on 27th January, 1979. [This is actually the Griff Arm. Red Deeps is a fictitious place created by George Eliot and is assumed to be Griff Hollows by those ...

Nuneaton. Heath End Road cricket scoreboard

Scoreboard of Griff & Coton Cricket Ground, Heath End Road, Nuneaton. After snow fall. 20 January 1979

Nuneaton. King Edward Road

King Edward Road after snow with semi-detached housing, Nuneaton. 1 December 1978

Nuneaton. Market Place, in winter

Nuneaton Market Place after snowfall. 1952

Nuneaton. Oxford Canal, Griff Hollows, frozen canal

Snow and frozen canal in Griff Hollows, Nuneaton. 1950

Nuneaton. Path into the wood near Seawood Pool

A snow covered path leading into a wood opposite Seawood Pool, Nuneaton. 1952

Nuneaton. Red Deeps, snow scene

Trees overhanging Red Deeps, near Griff Hollows, on the 27th January 1979.

Nuneaton. Snow scene between Bermuda and Griff

Photograph taken between Bermuda and Griff on the 16th February 1979.

Off The Road, Earlswood Common

James and George Temple Off The Road, Earlswood Common Watercolour on paper 410mm x 780mm A snow scene with a carriage that has gone off road into a ditch. The brothers James Temple (1843 – 1921) and ...

Roebuck In The Snow

Keith Henderson (1883-1983) Roebuck In The Snow Watercolour on paper 280mm x 390mm A snow scene with three deer in the foreground and a stag in the distance.

Shottery. Old cottage

Small old thatched cottage in the snow at Shottery. 1900s

Shottery. Old cottages

Old cottages in the snow at Shottery. 1900s

Skating Scene

Andries Vermeulen (attributed) Skating Scene, 1775-1800 Oil on panel 160mm x 220mm Andries specialised in painting landscapes in the style of 17th century Dutch models. He is chiefly known for his ice ...

Snow Field, Billericay

Alan Price (born 1926) Snow Field, Billericay, 1954 Oil on board 590mm x 900mm A snow scene with a girl walking through the snow, Billericay, Essex.