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Ashow Church From The Avon

A postcard of a painted scene of the church and River Avon at Ashow in Warwickshire.

Ashow, bridge

A black and white photograph of the bridge over the river Avon at Ashow. Ashow church can be seen in the background.

Ashow. Church

Church dedicated to The Assumption of Our Lady, and the River Avon at Ashow. 1900s

Ashow. Church

The Assumption of Our Lady Church and the river Avon at Ashow. 1910s

Ashow. Church and bridge

The Assumption of Our Lady Church and the footbridge over the River Avon, Ashow. 1890s

Ashow. Church and River Avon

View of the church across the river Avon at Ashow. Bridge built by John Goode, blacksmith at Stoneleigh (info. Mrs. Minett). 1910s

Ashow. Footbridge

The footbridge over the River Avon at Ashow. 1900s

Ashow. River Avon

Three ladies sitting at picnic benches, reading, beside the river Avon, at Ashow. 1907

Ashow. Tea party by the River Avon

A tea party on the banks of the River Avon at Ashow. 1900s

Atherstone. Alders Mill

Alders Mill at Atherstone, showing the dilapidated state of the building, although the left hand side is still inhabited. 1950s

Atherstone. Alders Mill

The front of Alders Mill at Atherstone taken from Fieldon Bridge where the pool water flows into the River Anke. The disused mill is on the left; cottage no.2, had windows in the rear wall, and No. ...

Atherstone. Alders Mill

The rear of Alders Mill, on the 2nd July 1958. Later that day the flood water reached a height of 18 inches in the living room of No. 1 cottage.

Atherstone. Sheepy Lane

Swollen River Anker in Sheepy Lane, Atherstone, after heavy rain. 1951

Atherstone. Sheepy Lane

Sheepy Lane, Atherstone, and the River Anker after heavy rain, showing part of the road bridge. 1951

Attleborough. Avenue Road

Attleborough, Avenue Road, showing a bridge over a stream, a ford with a donkey and cart, a horse being watered and two little girls. 1900s

Baddesley Ensor. Watery Lane

Watery Lane, Baddesley Ensor. Lane with stream running alongside. 1900s

Barcheston. Mill and weir

Barcheston Mill and weir with wooden footbridge. 1930s

Barcheston. Weir

Barcheston weir on the River Stour. 1950