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Waterloo Place, Leamington Spa

A framed colour engraving of the residence of H. Bradley at Waterloo Place which is on the corner of Warwick Street. The print also depicts a running dog, two men on horseback and two figures in the foreground....

Waterloo Place, Leamington Spa

A view of Waterloo Place on Warwick Street, Leamington Spa.

Waterloo Place, Leamington Spa

This is a modern reproduction of the print 'Waterloo Place', by J. Brandard. According to the inscription at the bottom of the print, the image depicts: 'The Residence Of H. Bradley Esqre With The Continuation ...

Welford on Avon. Boat Lane

Old timber framed, thatched cottages in Boat Lane, Welford on Avon. 1900s

Wellesbourne. Bridge Street

The motor car which is standing outside the garage in Bridge Street, is a 14.4 H.P. Armstrong Siddeley which was registered by Mr T.S. Pearson of The Cottage, Wellesbourne, in 1924

Wellesbourne. Bridge Street

Bridge Street looking towards Chestnut Square. 1920s

Wellesbourne. Bridge Street

Bridge Street, Wellesbourne. 1910s

Weston under Wetherley. Village scene

The village, Weston under Wetherley. 1910s

Whichford. Cottages

Terraced cottages in Whichford. 1910s

Whichford. Row of terraced cottages

Cottages with young people and boys, one with delivery basket in Whichford. 1910s

Whitacre, Nether. Station Road

Station Road, Nether Whitacre. 1900s

Whitacre, Nether. Station Street

View along Station Street, Nether Whitacre. 1910s

Willoughby. Village street

A Willoughby street with houses and a parked car. 1935

Wilmcote. Station Road

Station Road, Wilmcote. 1910s

Wolston. Avon Terrace

Avon terrace, Wolston. 1900s

Wolston. School Street

Bluemells Buildings in School Street, Wolston. 1900s

Wolston. School Street, Bluemell's Buildings

Bluemell's buildings, School Street, Wolston. 1910s

York Walk, Leamington Spa

A colour postcard of the River Leam and York Walk, Leamington Spa. York Terrace can also be seen in the background. This postcard is by Valentines (no.03158) 87mm x 138mm