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Unknown artist Untitled Oil on board 320mm x 400mm Landscape with trees.


Unknown artist Untitled Oil on canvas 750mm x 990mm The painting shows a wooded landscape at either dawn or dusk. A nearly naked, muscular male figure, loosely covered by a cloth, is leaning on his bow. ...


S.J. Mulholland Untitled Oil on canvas 760mm x 1260mm An untitled Venetian scene.


James Valentine Jelley (18th May 1856 - 28th May 1950) Untitled, 1894 Oil on canvas 425mm x 525mm Scene of a fisherman and children outside a harbour cottage.


Unknown artist Untitled Oil on canvas 980mm x 730mm An untitled portrait of a man holding a child, there is a table to the left with a lilly on it.


Lady Chatteleno (R. D. Ferriers) Untitled Oil on canvas 890mm x 680mm Madonna and child set against a landscape.


Edith C. Reynolds (fl. 1909-1937) Untitled, 1912 Oil on board 300mm x 220mm Little is known about the Leamington Spa based artist Edith Reynolds. She appears to have been inspired by her local surroundings. ...

Venetian Window

Vanessa Bell (1879-1961) A Venetian Window, 1926 Oil on canvas 690mm x 490mm Presented by the Contemporary Art Society 1945 In 1926, Bell, visited Venice, where Duncan Grant was exhibiting at the Biennale. ...

View from Willes Bridge Leamington

Unknown View from Willes Bridge Leamington Oil on canvas 110mm x 145mm The painting depicts a view of the river Leam, with Leamington Spa visible in the distance.

View of the River Thames, London

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a bridge across the River Thames. It was believed this shows Putney Bridge, but due to the curve of the river, is more likely to be Cremone Bridge which crosses ...

View on the Tiber, near the Ripa Grande, Rome

Jan Both (after) View on the Tiber, Near the Ripa Grande, Rome Oil on panel 454mm x 555mm This painting is an exact copy of the painting View on the Tiber by Jan Both in the National Gallery, No 958. ...


Elizabeth Whitehead (1854-1934) Violets, 1891 Oil on canvas 170mm x 240mm Whitehead’s technical proficiency is demonstrated in this simple still life arrangement, which includes a range of textures and ...

W. Emmott

Harold Barron W. Emmott, c.1950-1960 Oil on canvas 800mm x 675mm A portrait painting of W. Emmott as an elderly gentleman. He is wearing a dark suit and a bow tie and has been painted sitting down.

Waddon Manor, Dorset

Oliver Hall (1869-1957) Waddon Manor, Dorset Oil on canvas 550mm x 760mm View of a manor house and trees, Waddon Manor, Portesham, Dorset.

Waiting Outside Number 12

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a horse and gig waiting outside a house, and is by an unknown painter for about 1870. The artist has created an imposing sense of isolation, as though this ...


Nicholas Volley Wallflowers 1980, 1980 Oil on canvas 700mm x 500mm A vase of flowers and a watering can on a table.

Wandering Thoughts

David Alison (1882-1955) Wandering Thoughts Oil on canvas 749mm x 621mm Painting of a seated boy with an open book.

Warwick Castle

Frank R. Herbert Warwick Castle, 1978 Oil on canvas 380mm x 510mm A view from Castle Bridge towards Warwick Castle. © The artist