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Whitnash. Empire Day celebrations

Group of children in fancy dress with some adults celebrating Empire Day, Whitnash. 1920s. [Images of England -Whitnash by Jean Field Pages 62/63 describes the scene as May Day Celebrations 22nd May ...

Whitnash. May Day celebrations

Group of children celebrating May Day in Whitnash. 1920s

Whitnash. Prince of Wales visit

Group of children with decorated bicycles, prams etc. and other children and adults looking on, celebrating the Prince of Wales visit to Leamington Spa. 1924

Wolston. Celebrations on the village green

Large group of men, women and children - some in fancy dress - on the village green in Wolston. In the background is the baker's shop belonging to William Berry. 1900s

Women's Voluntary Service Parade

Black and white photograph 153mm x 202mm Photograph of a Women's Voluntary Service parade in a large square. The location and date is unknown.