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Unveiling Ceremony of Foleshill War Memorial in Durbar Avenue

Crowd containing military band and individuals carrying banners watch the unveiling of Foleshill War Memorial.

Tram Overturned at Lower Ford Street Corner

Crowd of people gathered to view overturned tram. Advertisement for Coventry Sanitary Laundry on side of wall.

The Humber Works Entrance

Employees leaving the works on Folly Lane (now Humber Road) at the end of the day.

The Great Flood Spon Street

Horse and carriage driving through the flooded street.

The Godiva Cafe

View of the Godiva Café in lower precinct at night.

The Botany Laboratory, Barr's Hil School

Showing the pupils of Barr's Hill School at work.

Tenants Ejected From a Condemned Property, Well Street

Group of tenants with all their belongings outside the condemned property.

Tank Bank Week

Group, possibly including Mrs Alick Hill, standing on top of a tank on Greyfriars Green to help fund the war effort.

Stoke Green, Binley Road

Showing view of park.

St. Michael's After Destruction

Showing bomb damage to Coventry Cathedral.

Soldiers at Mobile Canteen Window after Blitz of World War Two

Group of soldiers enjoying a cup of tea.

Royal Munster Fusiliers Marching to Coventry Station

Royal Munster Fusiliers marching over a bridge with a military band as a crowd of onlookers watch.

Royal Munster Fusiliers Marching Through Hertford Street

Parade of the Royal Munster Fusiliers on the way to Coventry Station. A military band can be seen in the foreground.

Rover Turning a Corner in Finham During the Ace Mobility Club Reliability Trial

9.h.p Rover at Finham. L. Parsons driving.

Residents of Ford's Hospital in the Courtyard

Showing thirteen women dressed in caps and cloaks.

Pump at Pool Meadow

Boy holding onto pump at Pool Meadow.

Patients watching the Godiva Procession

Patients of the Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital watching the Godiva procession from their beds.

Parade, Volunteers in Broadgate

Review of the Warwickshire Rifle Volunteers.