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Alveston. Stables of Alveston Manor

The stables at Alveston Manor. 1930s

Alveston. Typical Cottage

A cottage in Alveston, which was the home of J.B. Priestly's secretary. 1967

Ansley. Hedge laying

Man hedgelaying at Ansley. 1953

Ansty. Cottages

Group of rural cottages with gardens in Ansty. 1900s

Arbury. Arbury Hall Bath House

A man with a shotgun outside The Bath House, Arbury Hall. 1905

Arbury. Arbury Hall stables

The stables at Arbury Hall. 1960s

Arbury. Arbury Hall stables

The stables at Arbury Hall, from the south. 1950s

Arbury. Arbury Park in the snow

Sheep in the snow in Arbury Park. 1963

Arbury. South Farm

South Farm, Arbury Estate, Arbury. Birthplace of George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans). Farmer standing outside. 1900s

Ardens Grafton. Cottages

Cottages in Ardens Grafton. 1900s

Ardens Grafton. Grafton cottage

Grafton Cottage, Ardens Grafton. 1950s

Ardens Grafton. Horse and cart in village

Horse and cart in village street with men and children standing by. 1900s

Ardens Grafton. Manor Cottage

Manor Cottage, Ardens Grafton. 1940s

Ardens Grafton. Village scene

Ardens Grafton village. 1900s

Ardens Grafton. Village street

A street in Ardens Grafton. 1920s

Ardens Grafton. Village view

View of Ardens Grafton. 1910s

Arrow. A row of cottages

A row of terraced cottages in Arrow. 1954

Arrow. Cottages

Cottages in Arrow. 1900s