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Alcester. Coronation street race

Street with school and shops, decorated with bunting for Coronation celebration. Crowd watching men racing in the street, Alcester. 1953

Alcester. Crowd of people outside the Co-op Stores

A crowd of people in Alcester High Street, reason unknown. 1930s

Alcester. Decorated bicycles

A group of men and women each with decorated bicycles. Circa 1890

Alcester. Flood

A flooded street in Alcester showing the Cross Keys public house. People viewing from first floor windows and doorways of terraced houses. 1 June 1924.

Alcester. Gathering in front of the church

A large public gathering outside St Nicholas church, Alcester. 1920s

Alcester. High Street

Alcester High Street with the hunt passing through. 1950s

Alcester. High Street with hunt meet

High Street showing a hunt meet, Alcester. 1950s

Alcester. Military vehicle parade

Victory parade of military vehicles with onlookers on pavements, Alcester. 1940s

Alcester. Mop

Alcester Mop, showing fairground equipment and crowds. c.1910

Alcester. Pageant

Alcester Coop Society van with children in the back, during the Alcester Pageant. July 1929

Alcester. Peace celebrations

Racing in Alcester High Street during the Peace Celebrations of 19 July 1919, watched by a large crowd.

Alcester. River Arrow

River Arrow at Alcester in 1940 after the big freeze, showing sheets of ice and the river in flood.

Alcester. River Arrow

River Arrow, in Alcester, full of ice after severe weather in February 1940.

Alcester. Silver Jubilee

Large crowd in Bleachfield Street, Alcester at the Silver Jubilee. 1935

Alcester. Wartime mop

A sidestall at a wartime mop in front of the church in Alcester. 1939

Alice Keppel

A photographic portrait of Alice Keppel (née Edmondstone), dressed in 18th century fancy dress. She was the wife of the Honourable George Keppel. Like the Countess of Warwick, she enjoyed a frequently ...

Allwyn Greville

A photographic portrait of Captain Alwyn Greville in 18th century fancy dress. He was the son of George, 4th Earl of Warwick. This photograph was taken at a costume ball, Bal Poudre, at Warwick Castle ...

Alveston. Empire Day

Empire Day celebrations at Alveston. 1900s