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Apple Corer

A carved bone apple scoop, made form a sheep shank bone.

Apple Corer

A bone apple scoop, which is formed by a carved piece of bone. It has a carved wooden handle with a small piece of mother of pearl decoration.

Assise of Bread [John Powell, editor], 1608 - woodcuts, p.D1v, detail.

Bakers at work: Shakespeare's neighbours. In towns few people baked their own bread on account of the dangers of chimney fires. The baker’s role was one of the most important in any community, ...

Assise of Bread [John Powell,editor] , 1608 - title page, p.A1r.

Bakery regulations: a source for Shakespeare. The woodcuts in this official government text that regulated the work of bakers show the work of kitchens with which Shakespeare would have been familiar. ...

Barley Jug - side

This jug is made from Staffordshire pottery and is thought to have belonged to Mr. Robert Evans, the father of local author George Eliot. George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans) was a local authoress ...


A tall, octagonal glass beaker from Europe. It is engraved with two stags on a forest background.


A beaker from Old Broad Street, London. The beaker is one of five Roman beakers found together at Old Broad Street. The beaker is circular and made of a white/beige fabric. The body is wider than the ...

Beaker. Chelsea

Beaker Chelsea c.1745-1748 A Chelsea 'Teaplant Beaker' moulded with flowers.

Beaker. Fulham

Fulham ware stoneware beaker, with a brown glaze 1671-1800 It has raised decoration of a cottage, 'Uncle Toby' and a stag hunt.

Beaker. Leamington Spa

Copy of a Lowestoft bell beaker Found in the River Leam, Leamington Spa Nineteenth Century A hard paste porcelain beaker with a handle bearing blue painted decoration of flowers and a bird. The beaker ...

Beer Bottle

This glass bottle was made by Radford Hall Brewery. The name of the brewery is moulded around the bottom of the bottle.

Beer Bottle

This green, glass bottle is from Lucas & Co. Brewery, Leamington Spa. The side of the bottle is moulded with 'LUCAS & CO LIMITED - LEAMINGTON TRADE MARK REGISTERED' and the Bear and Ragged Staff. The ...

Beer Jug

Old English glass beer jug of baluster form. The body is engraved with hops, barley and initials. There is a short stem between the foot and the body. This glass is rare and was possibly made to commemorate ...

Beer Mug

Crystal beer mug, made in Stourbridge. It has a cut vertical 'spear' decoration. The glass has a half pint capacity, c.1963.

Bellarmine Jug

Brown stoneware jug c.1610 It bears a bearded mask moulded onto the shoulder. It also has a device of stems and leaves moulded into the body within a patterned eliptical border.

Bellarmine Jug

Mottled brown stoneware jug c.1600 There is a bearded mask drawn with prominent eyebrows and teeth on the shoulder. There is also an antlered head moulded into the body within a circular wreath, surrounded ...

Bellarmine Jug

Stoneware jug c.1620 Grey-white stoneware jug, with a raised bearded mark on the shoulder.

Biscuit Box

This miniature metal box with lid is from Peek Frean and Co. The attached label is printed with a picture of a child eating a biscuit and reads: 'Peek Frean And Co. / Pat-A-Cake / Biscuits'.