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Barford. Dovecote

The Dovecote at Barford. 1968

Barford. Football Club Team

Barford football team. Front row, holding football - Mr J Harrison, back row, far right - Walter (Bob) Hemmings, middle row, far left - William Bacon, and next to him - Thomas Chadwick. 1911/1912

Barford. Football Team

Barford Football Team. 1910s

Barford. Joseph Arch

Joseph Arch, leader of agricultural workers, at doorway of a cottage in Barford. He was born in 1826 and died 1919.

Barford. Joseph Arch's cottage

Front exterior of Joseph's Arch's cottage in Barford. June 6th 1939.

Barford. May Day revels

Barford Church of England schoolchildren in May Day dress with Sam Bennett, the well known Fiddler from Ilmington. 1912

Barford. Mill on the Avon

Barford corn mill on the River Avon. 1900s

Barford. Miniature Rifle Club

Members of the Barford miniature rifle club. Back row, from left to right - J. Harrison, W. Bacon, T. Chadwick, Douglas Taylor. Middle row - R. Jones (chairman), A. Ireland, C. Wall, S. Jukes, E. ...

Barford. Mr. Hamel flying at Barford fete

Mr Hamel flying his aeroplane at Barford fete. 1912

Barford. Oldhams Haulage Depot

Oldhams haulage lorries parked in depot at Barford. 1960s

Barford. Pigeon shoot

Pigeon shooting party with guns. Marquee behind. Joe Plant, jockey, standing centre. Barford. 1920s

Barford. Red Lion

Wellesbourne Road, Barford, man walking past the Red Lion Public House. 1950s

Barford. Red Lion

Bridge Street, Barford, showing The Red Lion Inn and houses. 1900s

Barford. Regent Garage

Newly constructed Regent garage, Wellesbourne Road, Barford. 1967

Barford. River Avon

Floods at Barford, on River Avon, view looking toward Sherbourne. December 1960

Barford. School

Barford School photo of students with their teachers. 1902

Barford. School Pupils

Barford school pupils outside the school in 1913.

Barford. School Pupils

Barford school pupils outside the school in 1908.