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Bedworth. Lower Collycroft

Lower Collycroft, Bedworth. A street scene showing a group of children in front of a delivery van bearing the name "Homelight". 1910s

Bedworth. Mill Terrace

Mill Terrace, formerly Collycroft Mill, Bedworth. Backs of terraced houses. 25 May 1960

Bedworth. Newtown Road

Bedworth, looking along Newtown Road, showing a hand-cart on the pavement. 1920s

Bedworth. Park Road

View of Park Road, Bedworth dating from the 1950s.

Bedworth. Roadway Cottages

Roadway Cottages, Bedworth. 1920s

Bedworth. Roadway Cottages

Roadway Cottages, Bedworth. 1920s

Bedworth. Terraced houses

Terraced houses somewhere in Bedworth. 1920s [This terrace was known as "Pretty Brick Terrace" in Chapel Street. The road turning off to the right is "The Grove".The terrace was built by a Mr Bunney ...

Bermuda. Village in the snow

Bermuda village looking towards Griff, on the 16th February 1979

Bilton. Admirals Estate

Admirals housing estate, Bilton. 1930s [It has been pointed out that this photograph is incorrectly labelled as the Kingsway estate][The road shown is Nelson Way, Kingsway Estate. These houses were ...

Bilton. Bilton Hill

Bilton Hill showing terraced houses. 1900s

Bilton. Magnet Lane

Cottages in Magnet Lane, photographed just after an order for their demolition. 1961

Bilton. Main Street

Terraced houses in Main Street, Bilton. 1920s

Bilton. Main Street

Main Street, Bilton. 1930

Bilton. Street scene

A village street in Bilton with a school on the right. 1930s

Bilton. Street scene

A street scene in Bilton including a cycle shop and post office. 1930s

Binswood Avenue, Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph by William G. Gibbons, 1957. View along Binswood Avenue. There are tall town houses with wrought iron balconies to the left.

Binswood Avenue, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph by John Wright, 1974, of a row of houses along Binswood Avenue. The houses have black iron railings to the ground and first floor balconies. 358mm x 287mm

Bishops Itchington. Houses

Houses in Bishops Itchington. 1930s