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Relief Carving - Photograph

A sepia photograph detailing a relief carving of Marcus Aurelius at the Forum. This is one of a number of photographs taken of the city of Rome. 157mm x 113mm

Rouen Cathedral, France

A sepia photograph of 'La portail de la Calende' - a carved doorway to the cathedral at Rouen, situated on the south side. 210mm x 160mm


Sepia photograph showing the detail of a carved sarcophagus or frieze with three cupids to the left and two horses to the right. 88mm x 287mm.

Temple of Mercury, Pompeii

A sepia photograph of a relief carving depicting a sacrifice, in the temple of Mercury at Pompeii. 143mm x 156mm

Wormleighton. Archway

The Archway, Wormleighton. 1920s