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Ball Gown

Gold satin dress with red and gold sequins and a gold thread decoration, 1952.


This belt was worn by women on the Malay Peninsula. It is made of brown leather, and is fastened with a brass buckle. The belt is decorated wiht a delicate brass chain in wavy and straight lines. There ...


A long, thin, strip of textile, possibly a belt. It is made up of black, red and white thread.

Belt for a Pink Evening Dress

A belt for a pink evening dress. It is made from pink net over cotton. There is a bow at one end and poppers to do the belt up, 1933-1934.


A sleeveless boned bodice from Sheffield. It is made from cream satin with a pale green velvet waist band and collar. There are traces of net overlay embroidered with sequins.


A purple velvet bodice which forms part of a dress. The bodice is highly boned and fastens with self-covered buttons at the front. Lacing at the back allows the fit to be adjusted. The low neckline suggests ...


A brown silk bodice with long sleeves. The bodice has a hook and eye fastening, a ruched edge to the front and three brown lace strips on each sleeve.


A lightweight silk grey spotted bodice, with tiers of black silk at the waist, sleeves and neck. It has long white lace cuffs. The bodice is part of a suit, c.1857-1929


A brown silk bodice with long sleeves. There are six buttons to the front with a brown fringed ribbon applied to the front and the ends of the sleeves.


A purple silk bodice with inner and outer front fastenings and black edging


A black silk bodice made from a vertical striped fabric with beaded decoration. The bodice has a frilled black lace collar and cuffs, hook and eye fastenings, beaded tassles and decoration along the bottom ...


The bodice of a cream satin and lace wedding dress. The long lace sleeves are decorated with embroidered flowers.


A lady's fine black lace bonnet decorated with ruffled silk to encircle the face and ribbons for tying.

Book - French Costume

A hard-backed book containing many coloured plates of different types of French costume throughout the ages, 1864.


A white cotton bow with ties to go around the waist.

Bronze cylinders

These small metal tubes were probably lace tags, from the ends of leather thongs, which may have fastened the bag containing the miniature buckets around the neck. AD 410 - AD 600

Bronze 'Spangle'

This small triangle of metal may have been part of a string of beads, and would have sparkled and jangled. AD 410 - AD 600

Bronze 'Stud'

This worn disc-headed bronze stud was old when it was placed into the bag at the Cunning Woman’s left hip. It may have been an heirloom or amulet. The other surface is plain. AD 410 - AD 600