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Brailes, Lower. Boy Scouts

Group of Boy Scouts each with a bicycle, possibly at scout camp, Lower Brailes. 1910s

Brailes, Lower. Mrs Findlay on a bicycle

Picture of Mrs Lilian Maud Findlay on a bicycle, Lower Brailes. 1900s.

Charlecote. Tumbledown stile

Two ladies with their bicycles standing at the Tumbledown Stile, Charlecote. 1900s

Coleshill. Hill

View of houses in The Hill, Coleshill. Horse and cart and people with their bicycles also shown. 1900s

Compton Verney. Fete

Bicycle race at Fete held outside house, Compton Verney. 1900s

Cubbington. Mrs. Bastock, newspaper deliverer

Mrs Mary Bastock, Cubbington newsagent, delivering newspapers on her tricycle. She lived to be 100 years old and her son, Ted also ran the village paper shop for many years. 1930s

Dunnington. Cottages

Ladies with bicycles and child standing outside cottages in Dunnington. 1900s

Early Coventry Penny Farthings

Walter Browett, William Thackhall Browett, and Alexander Percy Pridmore after their ride from Coventry to Land’s End and back on their Coventry Machinist Bicycles.

Eathorpe. Co-operative Stores and Post Office

Eathorpe stores and post office with two boys and their toy cart in front. 1910s

Ettington. Main street

The main street showing a parked bicycle near to Mr Allen's shop, Ettington. 1900s

Ettington. Sarah Beatrice Lowe

Sarah Beatrice Lowe with her bicycle in Ettington. c.1895

Fillongley. Butcher's Arms

The Butcher's Arms public house, Fillongley. Thomas Meek. Board advertising Phillips & Marriott ales and stout. Man in window. Woman and two girls on step. Woman with bicycle by gate. 1900s

Ford Token

An oval cycle check from the Imperial Foundry Company. It may have belonged to Frank Wall. The Imperial Foundry was part of Ford Motor Company Limited, they opened the factory on Princes Road, Leamington ...

Hampton Lucy. Bridge Street

Bridge Street, Hampton Lucy. 1930s

Hartshill. Main Road

Main Road, Hartshill with Post Office and houses. 1910s

Heath Road, Stoke

View of Heath Road. Person on a bicycle and an advertisement for HP Sauce can be seen in background.

Henley in Arden. Golden Cross Hotel

The Golden Cross Hotel, High Street, Henley in Arden. 1920s

Henley in Arden. High Street and church

High Street, Henley in Arden. The church of St John the Baptist is also shown. 1888