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Copy of memorial inscription of Ernest Adolphus Waller

Referring to him as the second son of Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller, Bart, and Curate of this parish [Tachbrook] for nearly 12 years, who died 20 April 1845, aged 37 years

Copy of the will of Matthew Wise

Of the Priory in the borough of Warwick, made 17 July 1772, with codicil dated 12 Oct 1775, copy made 18 Sep 1776.

Copy of valuation of property of Henry Christopher Wise in Lillington

Made by John Moore. With columns for occupiers, field names, description or type of cultivation, field map number, quantities or acreages, estimated rentals, rateable values and name or situation for ...

Copy will of Sir Thomas Puckering of the Priory, Warwick

Including bequest to the poor and his servants.

Enclosure award of Lillington

Deed of partition and allotment of the new enclosures at Lillington, made by commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament, 12 Dec 1730.

Engineer's report on the state of the waterworks at Warwick

Copy of the report of John Stead, engineer, on the state of an old mill or water engine near the town of Warwick, and for a new mill to be erected for the purpose of grinding corn, from a survey taken ...

Engraving of a portrait of Edmund Waller

Head and shoulders engraving of Edmund Waller, after a portrait by painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller, 1684.

Extract from letter addressed by Louisa Waller to her son Ernest Waller.

Extract from letter addressed to Ernest by his mother, to be opened after her death, expressing her thankfulness for the kindness and affection of her relations, including special reference to the guardianship ...

Extract of a letter from Col. Lacy Yea of the 7th Fusiliers to General Wetherall, Adjutant General (pages 1 and 4)

Extract of a letter written by Colonel Lacy Yea, serving in the Crimea at the Camp before Sebastopol, to General Wetherall at Horse Guards. Col. Yea writes that they are in need of Captains but are ...

Genealogy of Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller, Baronet, and the Waller family in general.

The volume contains 25 pages, some or which are blank. It was copied originally from papers in the house of JC Slack at Kentish Town, 1815, since destroyed by fire, and corrected and recopied by Jonathan ...

Gibraltar Sketch by George Henry Waller

Sketch of Gibraltar created by Ensign George Henry Waller during his initial voyage to the Crimea. He served in the Crimean War as a young officer from 1854 - 1856 and sometimes included sketches with ...

Grant by King Charles II to Sir Henry Puckering alias Newton, of the office of Paymaster of the Guards

Letters Patent of Charles II granting Sir Henry Puckering alias Newton, knight and baronet, the office of Receiver and Paymaster of the Guards and authorising the payment of the wages and allowance of ...

Grant of arms to Jonathan Wathen Waller, late Phipps

Deed of grant by Sir Issac Heard, knight, Garter Principal King of Arms, and George Harrison, esquire, Clarenceaux King of Arms, to Jonathan Wathen Waller, late Phipps, of Braywick Lodge, Berkshire and ...

Grant of royal licence to Jonathan Wathen Phipps to assume the name and arms of Waller

Signed by Sidmouth, reciting Jonathan's lineage and descent from his maternal grandmother, Anne Waller.

Lawyer's letter incorporating a summary of the proposed marriage settlement of Ernest Adolphus Waller and Louisa Wise

Letter from Lincolns Inn, to Sir Jonathan Wathen Waller, Hastings, containing the minutes, or heads, of the proposed settlement on the intended marriage of Rev Ernest Adolphus Waller and Louisa Wise, ...

Leaf 8 from the Household Book of Mary Wise

This 18th century household book contains 248 food, drink, medicinal and beauty recipes. The name 'Mary Wise' is written on the parchment cover. Mary Tilson married the second surviving son of Royal ...

Lease by from John Fyssher Clarke, Master of the Hospital of St Michael, to Thomas Powell, of Warwick, of the site of the Hospital and all its buildings, lands, etc at Warwick

In consideration of 100 marks [£66 6s 8d], for a term of 80 years at the annual rent of £10.

Lease by Lady Bowyer, of the Priory in Warwick, and Henry Wise, of Brompton Park, Middlesex, to Robert Cornwall, of the Borough of Warwick, of the western part of the Great New House in Saltisford, Warwick

To be held from 29 September next for a term of 21 years, at the annual rent of £18.