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Queens Ferry Street

Francis Campbell Boileau Cadell (1883-1937) Queens Ferry Street Watercolour on paper 430mm x 350mm Street scene at Queensferry Street, Edinburgh.

Railway Poster - Edinburgh

London and North Eastern Railway A poster advertising Edinburgh and the railway. It depicts shadowy figures in front of a national war memorial surrounded by a wrought iron railing. There are arches with ...

Railway Poster - St Davids in Pembrokeshire

Great Western Railway A poster advertising St Davids in Pembrokeshire. It depicts the inside of the cathedral with a small figure of a nun in the centre and two people on the right. The colours of the ...

Railway Poster - Stirling

London Midland and Scottish Railway A poster advertising Stirling. The poster depicts horses and medieval soldiers in front of a river and arched bridge. There is a knight riding a large white horse with ...

Railway Poster - Trossachs

London and North Eastern Railway A poster advertising the Trossachs by the East Coast route. The poster depicts a mountain scene with silver birch trees, with a river running between them. There is a ...

Railway Poster - Western Highlands of Scotland

London and North Eastern Railway A poster advertising the western highlands. It depicts men in kilts with red and white diamond pattern socks, holding flags and swords. The central figure, 'Prince Charlie', ...

Scottish Farthing

Scottish copper farthing, 1806 Diameter 20mm The obverse features the bust of George III. There is a harp on the reverse.

Scottish Token

Scottish copper token, 1791 Diameter 28mm The obverse features a male figure carrying a saltire, the x-shaped cross of St Andrew which also appears on the Scottish flag. The man is flanked by thistles. ...

Scottish Village

Geoffrey Ronald West (fl. 1968-1976) Scottish Village Oil on canvas 450mm x 595mm A vibrant coastal scene of a harbour and fishing boats. © Geoffrey West

Shipping Poster - Aberdeen

Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line A poster advertising Aberdeen and the Commonwealth shipping line to Australia, via the Suez Canal. The poster depicts four children on a horse to left foreground, with a ...

Shore Of The Little Cumbray

Unknown Shore Of The Little Cumbray Watercolour on paper 170mm x 260mm Two figures are walking along the shore of Little Cumbray, Buteshire, an Island in the Hebrides off the coast of Scotland.

Steam Engine

Black and white photograph of a steam engine, locomotive no.54470, at Inverness on 7th August 1957. 88mm x 138mm

Sword - Scottish Basket Hilted Broadsword

Flat wide blade sword with two grooves along each side. The handle is wooden with three grooves and is surrounded by a large metal patterned protector. The pommel is decorated with grooves. This sword ...

Tartan Rosette Medal

Medal with a tartan rosette attached, early to mid 19th Century Diameter 63mm The obverse features the bust of Walter Scott facing right with the name 'SCOTT' to the left and the name 'Halliday F' underneath. ...