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Edwin Byatt (1888-1948) Anemones Watercolour on paper 280mm x 330mm A still life of flowers.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

J. Lawrence Hart (fl. 1872-1906, died 1907) Anne Hathaway's Cottage Ink on paper 110mm x 160mm The print depicts a timber-framed house, with sheep being driven along the road to the right.

Antique China And Chinese Vase

William Bruce Ellis Ranken (1881-1941) Antique China And Chinese Vase Oil on canvas 660mm x 480mm A painting depicting a large central vase, with smaller vases to each side. There is a plate containing ...


Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Antwerp Ink on paper 90mm x 145mm A scene at the harbour in Antwerp, Belgium. The inscription at the bottom reads: "'Antwerp' unfinished plate, only proof". ...


Mabel J. Hillson (1887-1986) Apples, 1918 Oil on canvas 340mm x 505mm A still life painting of a bowl of apples, with two more to the left.

Apples and Nuts

William Henry Hunt (1790-1864)Apples And Nuts Watercolour on paper 235mm x 340mm Still life with apples, nuts and rosehips, against a mossy bank.

Approach to Rome

Sir Charles John K.C. Holmes (1868-1936) Approach to Rome, 1935 Oil on canvas 500mm x 600mm View of the Porta Furba on the Via Tuscolana, Rome. Part of the old Aqua Claudia is also visible.

April Showers

John Burgess (Jnr) (1813-1874) April Showers Watercolour on paper 240mm x 390mm Landscape scene with a river and a stormy sky overhead.

Argument's Yard, Whitby

Violet Lindsell (1912-1927(fl)) Argument's Yard, Whitby Watercolour on paper 330mm x 240mm The painting depicts a scene at Argument's Yard in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Art and Language Poster

Art and Language poster from Shrewsbury, 1975. The title beings 'Des Warren Is A Political Prisoner...' Des Warren and Ricky Tomlinson were jailed for picketing as part of the National Building Workers' ...

Ash Tree, Offchurch Near Leamington

James Edward Duggins (1881-1968) Ash Tree, Offchurch Near Leamington Pencil on card 139mm x 186mm The drawing depicts a landscape view at Offchurch, Warwickshire. At the age of 23 Duggins left his home ...

At Lillington

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) At Lillington, 1856 Watercolour on paper 220mm x 320mm The painting depicts a female figure walking along a country lane towards Lillington Church.

At Offchurch, Warwickshire

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) At Offchurch, Warwickshire, 1856 Oil on board 320mm x 470mm A landscape scene at Offchurch, Warwickshire. A woman and girl gather sticks in the foreground.

At Snitterfield, Warwickshire

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) At Snitterfield, Warwickshire, 1838 Oil on canvas 750mm x 620mm View of a tree-lined trackway with two ladies and a gentleman travelling along it.

At Work on the Warwick Bypass

Anthony Hobson (born 1920) At Work on the Warwick Bypass, 1966 Oil on canvas 285mm x 395mm A scene during construction of the Warwick bypass (A46), there is a tarmac truck in the centre. In a letter ...

Attentive - Good Music

John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Attentive - Good Music Pencil and charcoal on paper 255mm x 190mm Drawing of a young girl sitting at a table listening to the music being played on the piano by a girl ...

Autumn In The South of France, Hautes Alpes

Adrian Scott Stokes (1854-1935) Autumn In The South of France, Hautes Alpes, 1928 Oil on canvas 753mm x 998mm From the late 1880s Stokes, a painter, poet and critic, traveled extensively in France, Italy ...

Autumn Tints

John Burgess (Junior) (1813-1874) Autumn Tints Watercolour on paper 260mm x 355mm A scene with a house, field and trees. There are clothes drying on a line to the left.