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Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron, 1620 - book 2 p.13v

Fine printing in Shakespeare's time. This volume was printed by Isaac Jaggard who worked alongside his father, William, and later inherited the family printing house. Isaac’s fine edition of ...

Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron, 1620 - title page, book 2

A Shakespeare source with a fine binding. This volume's fine binding given to it by a nineteenth-century owner, is in green Morocco goatskin, with fine gold-tooling, including decoration along the ...

Hunningham. Red Lion with drinkers outside

Three men drinking outside The Red Lion, Hunningham. Terrier dog. 1930s

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - Apples are described, p.1275, detail.

The uses of apples: Shakespeare's references to fruit. The Herball of John Gerarde explains how apple trees cost little to maintain, but produce a fine crop for everyone. The orchards of Kent and of ...

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - apples woodcut, p.1274, detail.

Apples, at the end of a meal are mentioned in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. Gerarde’s herbal includes all kinds of fruit and trees as well as flowers and vegetables, many of which ...

Leamington Boys Mission Entertainment Leaflet

A white leaflet with black printing from the Leamington Boys Mission, Leamington Spa. It advertises a tea and entertainment on the 24th January 1929.

Leamington Spa. Macfisheries shop opening

Opening of Macfisheries shop, Leamington Spa, manager and guest at a food display cabinet. 1961

Leamington Spa. Mrs. Ramsey's fish and chip shop

Interior of Mrs. Ramsey's Fish and Chip Shop in Crown Way, Lillington, Leamington Spa, showing staff behind counter, fryers etc. 1960s

Metal Bowl

The remains of a large bronze bowl. The metal bears marks of a woven textile and deposits of decayed leather. 6th Century A.D. 140mm x 230mm diameter 1922/23 excavations (Grave 21)

Moo Cow Snack Bar

Showing the interior of the snack bar and two women working behind the counter.

Napton on the Hill. Napton Victory Club

Napton Victory Club showing interior of the club on the day that it was opened by Lord Willoughby de Broke. 1956

Photograph of an Engraving

A sepia photograph. This photograph shows an engraving depicting figures tasting wine in a cellar.

Picnic With A Dog

Keith Henderson (17th April 1883 -1983) Picnic With A Dog Pencil and watercolour on paper 150mm x 310mm Two girls and two boys are sitting on a blanket having a picnic, there is a dog to the right of ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Feed the Hungry woodcut, p.72v.

Charity: feeding the poor in Shakespeare's time. All communities had their share of the poor and Elizabethans would regularly offer their unwanted ‘left-over’ food to those less fortunate ...

Richard Day, A Booke of Christian prayers..., 1581 - Help the thirsty woodcut p.73r detail

Drinks available in Shakespeare's time. The regular drink of Elizabethans was cider, ale (which was not strong beer), or for the more wealthy, wine was imported from France, or Germany. Water was used ...

Small Barrel or Costrel

This small wooden barrel, or costrel, has an iron handle and iron rings to hold the staves, wooden strips, in place. Costrels were used by farm workers to carry their beer and cider out to the fields. ...

Small Pot

A fine, earthenware pottery food vessel, probably made on a potter’s wheel (unlike most of the pottery found on this site). A small black pottery cup was found inside this pot. 6th Century A.D. 100mm ...

Supper Service

This ceramic service set belonged to George Eliot, and was given as a wedding gift, at her marriage to John Cross in 1880. It consists of a tureen and four accompanying dishes and is decorated with a ...