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This large ornamental gourd bottle is from northern Nigeria. It is decorated with carved and painted geometric designs, and has a leather strap attached at the base of the neck.


This bronze bottle is from Asia. It is decorated with incised lines on the lower body. It is possible that this vessel was used as a vase rather than a bottle.


This small, turned wooden bowl is from Norway. It has ornate carvings of acanthus leaves on the outer face, and has been varnished.

Bowl. Bow

Bowl Bow, London c.1760 A bowl with two painted scenes depicting a stag hunt.

Bowl. Fenton Vivien. Thomas Whieldon

Bowl made by Thomas Whieldon Fenton Vivien, Staffordshire c.1760 A Whieldon bowl with tortoiseshell brown mottling and apple-green veins. There is a beaded edge to the lip. Thomas Whieldon (1719-1795) ...

Bowl. Lambeth

Bowl Lambeth c.1680 A Lambeth Delft bowl with fluted sides. It is royal blue with splashes of grey-blue, known as the Nevers decoration.

Bowl. Lowestoft

Bowl Lowestoft, Suffolk c.1775 A soft-paste porcelain bowl bearing a Redgrave pattern of a Chinese style landscape scene. There are two figures on a bridge and two boats sailing on a lake.

Bowl. Worcester

Bowl Worcester c.1770 The bowl is decorated with the 'three flower pattern' of flowers and butterflies. It is of the Dr Wall period and has a crescent mark on the base.

Bowl. Worcester Porcelain Company

Porcelain bowl made by the Worcester Porcelain Company Dr Wall period, c.1770 It is decorated with a coloured transfer depicting ruins.


This wooden box is from Sweden. The lid can be removed by using the wooden lever fastenings on the sides of the box. The box is decorated with painted flowers and gilding.


A small ornamental box with a painted lid, from Russia. The hand painted scene depicts a woman sitting at a table.


A 17th century ebony box with alabaster panels carved in the form of niches and half columns. It has the old lock and key and is probably Dutch or Flemish.


This box is from Algiers in Algeria. It is made of bronze, and has a screw on lid. The lid is decorated with incised motifs of sheep or goats.


This is a rectangular brass box with a hinged lid. The box has a moulded decoration featuring a portrait of Princess Mary and an inscription. The box contains a small card, December 1914.

Bronze Belt Clip

Such bronze clips were found in male burials at Bidford. This one was found in association with a shield decoration. 6th Century A.D. 76mm long 1922/23 excavations (Grave 33)

Bronze cylinders

These small metal tubes were probably lace tags, from the ends of leather thongs, which may have fastened the bag containing the miniature buckets around the neck. AD 410 - AD 600

Bronze Pin

Bronze breast pin with faceted head. 6th Century A.D. 155mm long 1922/23 excavations (Grave 28)

Bronze 'Spangle'

This small triangle of metal may have been part of a string of beads, and would have sparkled and jangled. AD 410 - AD 600