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Broderie Anglais Fabric Sample

A length of Broderie Anglais fabric sample with a pierced decoration of stylised leaves and flowers.

Civil Defence Corps Felt Badge

This dark green, felt badge is from the Civil Defence Corp. It is embroidered with a lion and crown, and the legend: 'Civil Defence Corps'.

Coal Miners' Strike Banner

A red protest banner with yellow lettering that reads 'COLE NOT DOLE'. It was made by a Leamington based women's group in support of the Miners' Strike of 1984-85. The group were based at 'The Other Branch' ...


Black papier mache coachman's cockade, with a fluted oval rosette and a fluted fan shape beneath. A black ribbon is tied across the top. This item dates to the early twentieth century.


A skein of green tailor's cord for use at Hall & Son tailors, Leamington Spa.

Coventry Grand Show Notice

Silk notice memento of the Coventry Grand Show Fair of 19th June 1854. The notice is a long rectangular piece of cream silk with a printed list of events including the Lady Godiva Show.

Crochet Tool

Tool used for crochet, it consists of two bone horses hooves joined together by a piece of purple ribbon. One of the hooves has become detached.

Dark Green and Grey Star Shaped Felt Badge

This dark green, felt badge with grey embroidery is from England.


An Irish Leprechaun felt doll, which is wearing a green coat and trousers, and a red hat and boots.


A 'Mahomet' Arab boy rag doll, from England. The doll has clothes made of velour and felt, a green shirt, orange trousers and fez, and yellow shoes.


A small doll made of fabric covered wire. It has yellow hair and blue and white knitted clothes.


A Swiss doll made of wire and fabric. It has yellow hair and is wearing a bolero, an apron and a red hat.


A 'Marawadi' Indian doll made of wood and fabric. The doll is wearing a yellow and green sari and a green and pink scarf.


A Moravian bride doll from Straznice. It has a ceramic face with material stuffed arms and legs. The doll is wearing a bridal costume consisting of a floral headress, and a multi-coloured dress with puffed ...


A miniature wooden doll, from Bristol, which is about 12 milimetres high, 1863. The doll is wearing a long robe of white and green nainsook lace and a ribbon.


A Victorian female doll with a fabric and wax head and leather arms. It is wearing a silk dress which was purple but has now faded to beige. It has fair hair and blue eyes. The wax has cracked on the ...


A celluloid male doll in English Guards uniform. It has cloth arms, a black busby hat, a red jacket, blue trousers and a sporran.


Many small dolls made of fabric inside a fabric shoe. This toy was inspired by the nursery rhyme The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe.