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A bronze star/sun burst shaped badge with a crown on top. A metal shield depicting a lion rampant and chevron is attached to the centre with loops passed through holes and secured with a pin. There are ...

Barber's Bowl

This pewter bowl was used by barber's during the 17th and 18th Centuries. The bowl has an indentation so that is can be held near to the customer's neck and a ring for hanging it up.

Bath Chair Plate

This brass plaque was fixed to a Bath Chair at a Leamington bathhouse. Spas were often quite large, and receiving the full benefits of the treatment would require visiting several bathhouses. So that ...

Bayonet - French Sabre Bayonet

A French Model 1866 chassepot sabre-bayonet with a steel yataghan (curved) blade. It has two wide fullers, a brass grip, a steel quillon, and a steel scabbard, 1866.

Bayonet - Model 1874 Epee Bayonet

A slim, long bladed bayonet with a flat top which tapers near to the tip. Engraved onto the blade is Mre. d'armes de St.Etienne 1877. The bayonet has a wooden handle with a brass trim at the end and a ...


Tall bronze beaker, from Asia, with a circumference that is larger at the top than the bottom. The beaker has pressed and tooled floral motifs covering the exterior.


This beaker is from Algiers. It is made of bronze. The exterior is decorated with pressed and tooled floral motifs.

Beaver Incisor Tooth Pendant

The tooth is set in bronze and may have been worn as a charm. Found pre-excavation, in 1921 during road works. The European Beaver (Castor fiber) was a common animal in Saxon times. [They lived in ...


This bell was used to summon servants and belonged to local author George Eliot. It came from the bedroom [?] of Bird Grove House in Coventry where she lived with her father. The bell was found during ...


This is a Tibetan or Siamese bronze bell. The handle is formed by two figures. The bell is engraved with floral decoration..


Town Crier's bell from Leamington Spa. It is a large brass bell with a turned dark wooden handle. Inside is a brass clapper on an iron rod.


Large brass bell used by Leamington Spa postman, Joseph Mallard, to announce his presence to residents. The bell has a wooden handle and leather strap, 1840-1872.


This belt was worn by women on the Malay Peninsula. It is made of brown leather, and is fastened with a brass buckle. The belt is decorated wiht a delicate brass chain in wavy and straight lines. There ...

Belt Fixing

One of two parts of a belt buckle, from India. It is an ornamented brass heart shape 'buckle' plate with a loop.

Belt Fixing

One of two parts of a belt buckle, from India. It is an ornamented brass heart shape 'buckle' plate with a hook for attaching it to a loop.

Birmingham and Nottingham Halfpenny Token

Birmingham and Nottingham bronze promissory half penny, 1792 Diameter 29mm The obverse features the inscription 'Promissory Halfpenny.Payable at Notting'm or/Donald&Co Stocking Manufacturers Wholesale ...

Birmingham Shakespeare Society bronze medal

This side is struck with a figure of Shakespeare based on the Westminster Abbey statue. "A good man's memory will outlive his life" is a misquotation from Hamlet (Act III, Scene 2), substituting "good" ...

Birmingham Shakespeare Society bronze medal

A bronze medal struck for the Birmingham Shakespeare Society, 1830, by Ottley of Birmingham. The reverse bears an unattributed quotation: "THIS HUMBLE TOKEN OF THE VENERATION WE FEEL FOR HIS WORKS, ...