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St Mary's Church, Stoneleigh

A colour postcard featuring St Mary's Church at Stoneleigh. 88mm x 137mm

Stare Bridge

W.H. Hatton (fl. 1915-1922) Stare Bridge Watercolour on paper 350mm x 240mm A view of Stare Bridge, which crosses the River Avon at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

Stoneleigh Abbey

G. Robertson Stoneleigh Abbey Ink on paper 200mm x 280mm This view of Stoneleigh Abbey from across the River Avon was printed by J. Croston from an original work by Robertson.

Stoneleigh Abbey

A framed colour engraving of Stoneleigh Abbey, the seat of the Leigh family, c.1830.

Stoneleigh Abbey

Framed colour engraving of Stoneleigh Abbey with the river in the foreground. The print also shows the bridge, and cows on the banks and in the river.

Stoneleigh Abbey

A stereoscopic image card of Stoneleigh Abbey, Warwickshire.

Stoneleigh Park

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Stoneleigh Park, 1863 Oil on canvas 300mm x 440mm Landscape view of the park, with deer, at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

Stoneleigh Park.

View of Stoneleigh Park. 1856

Stoneleigh. Abbey Lodge

The Lodge, Stoneleigh Abbey. 1860

Stoneleigh. Abbey viewed through an archway

Stoneleigh Abbey as seen through an archway. November 11th 1938

Stoneleigh. Almshouses

The Almshouses, Stoneleigh. 1960s

Stoneleigh. Blacksmith's

Carts outside the smithy in Stoneleigh. 1856

Stoneleigh. Bridge

Stoneleigh bridge over the River Sowe. 1940s

Stoneleigh. Charabanc and People in front of Gate

Group of people with a charabanc at Stoneleigh Abbey Mews. Circa 1926.

Stoneleigh. Church Lane

Church Lane, Stoneleigh, with pedestrians and baby in perambulator. 1910s

Stoneleigh. Church Lane

Cottages, one timber-framed in Church Lane, Stoneleigh. 1910s

Stoneleigh. Church, exterior

North side of St Mary's church, Stoneleigh. 1940s

Stoneleigh. Church, interior

St Mary's church interior looking eastwards, Stoneleigh. 1940s