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Duck Shooting - detail

This is an oil painting on canvas of a duck shooting scene. In the foreground is a man with a rifle and his two dogs. The man is shooting at two ducks, one of which is falling to the ground. The painting ...

Evening By The Lake

Algernon Cecil Newton (23rd February 1880 - 21st May 1968) Evening By The Lake, 1932 Oil on canvas 340mm x 495mm

Farnborough Pool

Harold Gaster (fl. 1932-1979) Farnborough Pool, 1969 Watercolour on paper 220mm x 300mm A scene depicting Farnborough Pool at Farnborough, Hampshire. © Mrs Birgit Gaster

Flecknoe. Village pond

Pond by road, Flecknoe. Cottages seen through trees. 1930s. This is a scene in the middle of Flecknoe opposite the present Underwood Cottage and Flecknoe Farm looking up towards Hill View Farm. The ...

Foxcote. Foxcote House

Foxcote House as seen across the lake. 1900s

Frankton. Fish Pool

The Fish Ponds, Frankton. 1930s

Great Alne. Manor House

The Manor House and garden, Great Alne. 1900s

Guy's Cliffe - Fields And Pond

F.W. Pike (fl. 1877-1878) Guy's Cliffe - Fields And Pond Oil on canvas 390mm x 600mm A landscape view at Guy's Cliffe, Warwickshire.

Harbury. Village pond

Village pond at junction of Bush Heath Lane and Park Lane, Harbury. December 18th 1952

Highland Scene

George Fennel Robson (1788-1833) Highland Scene Watercolour on paper 450mm x 760mm A highland scene with a lake, mountains and a stormy sky.

Kenilworth. Rudfyn (now Redfern) Manor and gardens

Gardens and pond at the rear of Rudfyn (now Redfern) Manor, Chase Lane, Kenilworth. July 17th 1940

Kingsbury. Water Park

Kingsbury Water Park lake. August 17th 1976

Kingsbury. Water Park

Group of fishermen with sailing boats on the far bank of a lake at Kingsbury Water Park. 1970s [This can be no earlier than 16th June 1976, as the Water park first opened at Whitsun 1976. The angling ...

Kingsbury. Water Park

Speedboats on a lake at Kingsbury Water Park with onlookers on the bank. 1970s

Lake Scene

Thomas Miles Richardson (Junior) (1813-1890) Lake Scene, 1865 Watercolour on paper 120mm x 260mm A lake scene with mountains in the background, there are boats on the lake.

Lake Scene

George Edwards Hering (1805-1879) Lake Scene Oil on panel 190mm x 280mm Hering travelled extensively in Europe and the Levant before settling in London and becoming a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy. ...

Lapworth. Lapworth Croft

View of Lapworth Croft with boating lake and boathouse. 1908

Leamington Spa. All Saint's Church from Mill Gardens

View of All Saints church from the lake in Mill gardens, Leamington Spa. 1910s