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Warwick Castle And St. Mary's Tower

Warwick Castle And St Mary's Tower Ink on paper 160mm x 225mm A view of Warwick Castle, with the tower of St Mary's Church to the left. Two figures and a dog are in the foreground.

Warwick Castle from Castle Bridge

Black and white photograph, 1975. View of Warwick Castle from Castle Bridge. There is a boat on the river in the foreground. This photograph was produced by the Leamington Spa Courier. © Courtesy of ...

Warwick Castle From The Bridge

Ambrose Poynter (1796-1886) Warwick Castle From The Bridge Pencil and watercolour on paper 130mm x 210mm The drawing depicts a view across fields towards Warwick Castle.

Warwick Castle From The River

A.M.S. Brown Warwick Castle From The River Watercolour on paper 275mm x 390mm The painting shows a view of the River Avon with Warwick Castle visible in the distance.

Warwickshire Landscape

Dick Hosking Warwickshire Landscape, 1965 Oil on board 750mm x 890mm Dick Hosking was Principal of Coventry Art College from 1948 to 1964. He was married to the artist Alma Ramsey. © Hosking Houses Trust...

Warwickshire Landscape

Edwin Toovey (1826-1906) Warwickshire Landscape, 1888 Watercolour on paper 350mm x 520mm A landscape view looking down a hill along a road. There are houses to the left and a woman and child in the foreground....

Warwickshire Lane With Elms

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Warwickshire Lane With Elms, 1842 Watercolour on paper 150mm x 205mm

Warwickshire Scene

Edwin Toovey (1826-1906) Warwickshire Scene, 1888 Watercolour on paper 340mm x 530mm A view of Leamington Spa from the top of a hill, there are figures and farm buildings to the right.

Warwickshire Willows

John Henry Bradley (born 1832, fl. 1854-1896) Warwickshire Willows, 1876 Ink on paper etching 295mm x 435mm The etching depicts a river scene with willows along the bank to the left.

Welsh Landscape

John Burgess (Jnr) (1813-1874) Welsh Landscape Watercolour on paper 210mm x 320mm Landscape scene of a five-arched bridge and cattle in Wales.

Wheatfield, Newbold Farm, Leamington

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) Wheatfield, Newbold Farm, Leamington, 1857 Oil on panel 240mm x 350mm A landscape scene with bundles of wheat and two men eating lunch towards the right of the picture. Leamington ...

Whitley Common, Coventry

Tom Hamson (1890-1964) Whitley Common, Coventry Ink on paper 146mm x 216mm The print depicts a view of wind blown trees on Whitley Common in Coventry.

Willes Bridge, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph, 1947. It depicts a view of the meadows adjoining the River Leam at Willes Bridge, with a large house to the left. 395mm x 505mm

Willes Road Bridge from the River Leam

This postcard features a view along the River Leam, looking towards the Willes Road Bridge, in Leamington Spa. It was printed by Valentines c.1920.


William Lionel Clause (1887-1946) Willows, 1937 Oil on canvas 390mm x 540mm


Edmund Morison Wimperis (1835-1900) Windmill, 1900 Watercolour on paper 340mm x 515mm A landscape scene with sheep in the foreground and a windmill and other buildings to the right.

Winter Scene with Sheep

Thomas Sidney Cooper (1803-1902) Winter Scene with Sheep, 1861 Oil on panel 245mm x 400mm In the mid-19th century, images of cattle and livestock were traditionally depicted in idealised pastoral settings, ...

Wood Scene and River

Cornelis Hendricksz Vroom the Younger (1591-1667)Wood Scene and River Oil on panel 568mm x 800mm The painting shows a river bank lined with trees, and a dead tree toppled down towards the water on the ...