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Vitctorian Parasol Handle

A Victorian parasol handle. The shaft is made of ivory or bone and is set with a screw to attach it to a parasol. It is decorated with engraved and black painted flowers. The handle is decorated with ...

Walking Stick

A walking stick formed by the backbone vertebrae of a shark. There are holes for the ribs, which have been spaced to encircle the stick. The handle of the walking stick is made from horn.

Walking Stick

A walking stick made from the horn of a Narwhal. It is a long pale coloured horn with an anti-clockwise twist, with a silver cap and thistle, clover and rose motifs.

Wig Dressing Clamp

A clamp made of bone. The clamp would be fixed to a table and used for dressing wigs.

Writing Slope

This writing slope, with its mother of pearl inlay and elaborate decoration, was the property of author George Eliot. George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans) was a local authoress based in the Coventry ...