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This bag contains glass and pottery marbles from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Miniature Toy Shop

This miniature toy shop is made of painted wood, with painted wood and plaster 'toys'. They include hoops, skittles, and a church. The words 'For Obedient Children' is written at the top. This toy ...

Miniature Wooden Cabinet and 'China'

Miniature wooden cabinet with glass fronted doors, and sides, containing a tiny wooden dinner service. Mid 19th century 288mm x 343mm x 117mm deep


This is a wooden model from China. It depicts a form of Chinese punishment where the offender had a large rectangular wooden collar fixed around his neck.

Model Boat

This is a model of a Polynesian surf or fishing boat from Samoa. It is carved from wood, with an outrigger to one side and two paddles.

Model Boat

This boat is a model of a Brazilian cargo boat called a Jangada. Jangada were used by fishermen in the Atlantic, off the north east coast of Brazil. This model is made from balsa wood, with a folded sail ...

Model Buffalo

This model buffalo is from Zimbabwe. It was carved from one piece of dark wood.

Model Chair

This model arm chair is from Bechuanaland, in what is now called Botswana. It is made from carved wood.

Model Chair

This small model chair was originally thought to be from Haussaland, but it is more probably from Ghana. It is said to be a miniature in metal of a chief's carved wooden stool or throne.

Model Elephant

This model elephant is from British East Africa. It was carved from ivory, and has engraved detail and painted red eyes.

Model Gun

This is a life size model of a Greener gun. It was carved in Mashonaland, northern Zimbabwe.

Model of a Rune Stone from Denmark

A model of a rune stone from Denmark. It is made of a triangular shaped piece of metal or resin, with a runic inscription moulded into one side. The base is stamped with the makers name.

Model Rickshaw

This is a small tortoiseshell model of a rickshaw. The rickshaw has two wheels and projecting metal handles. A tortoisehell canopy moves to cover the seat.

Mother and Child

Alma Ramsey Mother and Child Model

Mother and Child

Alma Ramsey Mother and Child Model

Moving Toy - barber and customer

This tin model of a barber and his customer operates by a clockwork mechanism. When the key is wound, the barber appears to be cutting his customer's hair (although the customer is bald!)

Moving Toy - dog

This metal figure of a dog has jointed legs. These work by means of levers, attached to wheels on the wooden base.

Moving Toy - doll in a rose

Moving toys were very popular. This toy features a white fabric rose containing the head and arms of a doll. A clockwork mechanism is hidden inside the rose. When the key is wound, the doll rises from ...