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Michel de Montaigne, The Essayes , 1603 - p. 558, Of Coaches..

Shakespeare's French contemporary writes on transport. Montaigne's essays range widely over subjects, but in 'Of Coaches' the author describes his dislike of any boat, or vehicle transport, whether ...

Michel de Montaigne, The Essayes done into English by John Florio..., 1603 - detail p.558.

Shakespeare’s contemporary in France. Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (1533-1592) born in south-west France, was tutored at home, before studying medicine, and then law at university. He was responsible ...

Michel de Montaigne, The Essayes, 1603 - p. A4r detail.

Dedicatory verses to a noble patron of Shakespeare's contemporary. Members of Queen Elizabeth's court, both men and women, as well as the Queen herself, enjoyed the work of poets and playwrights, offering ...

Michel de Montaigne, The Essayes, 1603 - binding front board

A binding contemporary with Shakespeare, with its owner's blind-stamp mark, dated 1603. The plain leather boards of this volume are the original binding created for its first owner, whose personal ...

Michel de Montaigne, The Essayes, 1603 - 'Of Cannibals' p.100.

A source for Caliban in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Florio’s translation of Montaigne was registered in 1600, and it is possible that Shakespeare saw a manuscript before the Essays were printed ...

Michel de Montaigne, The Essayes, 1603 - p. A2r.

An translator's dedication in a Shakespeare sourcebook. In addition to the simpler statement of dedication John Florio wrote a fulsome dedicatory letter to the Countess of Bedford and her mother, Lady ...

Michel de Montaigne, The Essayes, 1603 - Sonnet to the Countess of Bedford,p. A4r.

Dedicatory verses to a noble patron of Shakespeare's contemporary. As well as a dedicatory letter, John Florio’s translation of Montaigne's Essays also included dedicatory verses to his patron ...

Michel de Montaigne, The Essayes, 1603 - title page

A French text translated by an associate of Shakespeare. English born, John Florio, son of a protestant Italian refugee, was tutor to Lady Jane Grey, and later to Shakespeare’s patron Henry Wriothesley, ...

Midland Amateur Swimming Association Handbook

Midland Amateur Swimming Association Handbook, 1954.

Modern Public Baths

A book from the Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa. It is entitled Modern Public Baths by Kenneth M.B. Cross and was issued by the Amateur Swimming Association in 1938.

Moncrieff's Guide to Leamington Spa

Fourth edition of Moncrieff's Guide to Leamington Spa, published by J Merridew in 1829. The book contains 'The Ancient and Modern History of Leamington and the Adjacent Villages with an Analysis and Dissertation ...

Moncrieff's Leamington Guide

Guide to Leamington Priors by William Thomas Moncrieff, third edition, 1824. Hard backed book with a red cover and gilt border. It contains maps, illustrations and descriptions of the local area.

Motorway Accessibility, Royal Leamington Spa

A guide to Leamington Spa, with a yellow and black cover which has a black printed inscription. It was published by the Borough of Royal Leamington Spa, c.1960-1970.

Music Book

A hard-backed book from Harrow School, containing both music and words. It was published in London and has a purple cover with gold-embossed title and school crest.

Natural History of English Insects

A hard backed book called A Natural History of English Insects which contains illustrations and descriptions of English insects. The illustrations are engravings hand-coloured by the author, 1749.

New Designs in Art Leatherwork

A paperback book, from Southport, with a grey cover and green printing, 1903. The book contains examples of leatherwork.

Notes on the Construction of Baths

A guide to designing and building baths, diving stages etc. for swimming pools.

Ovid, Metamorphosis, 1603 - Book III, p. 32v. 'Phoebe'.

Stories for references in Shakespeare. Shakespeare's reading, and school memories of Ovid gave him not only references for stories that he could use, but names such as Phoebe, which occurs in the story ...