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Anti-vicar's Rate Demonstration in the Market, Coventry

Crowd of demonstrators in front of the indoor fish market.

Attleborough Green.

Attleborough Green, Nuneaton. Showing a street with shops and a church spire beyond. 1951

Barracks Market, Coventry

Showing customers and stalls in the market hall before its closure and demolition.

Bedworth. Market Square

Bedworth, Market Square with bus queue. 1946 [The man in the centre, with the brass buttons on his waistcoat is in the uniform of the Bedworth Alms Houses]

Breton Market

Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Breton Market, 1885 Oil on canvas 660mm x 1090mm A French market scene with women examining goods on a market stall.

Broadgate at Night, Looking South, Coventry

Two trams with advertisement on them can be seen in the foreground of the image.

Bruges 1885

Cecil Jack Keats Bruges 1885 Watercolour on paper 500mm x 320mm This street scene in Bruges, Belgium shows figures clustered around market stalls, with the Belfry tower of the town is feintly visible ...

Bull Ring Market

Rosina Wilson (fl.1968-1974) Bull Ring Market, 1968 Oil on board 600mm x 420mm A busy scene at the Bull Ring market in Birmingham.

Clarendon Square

Colour print of Leamington Spa, Clarendon Square, c.1880-1915 63mm x 107mm There are terraces of town houses to the right and in the distance. In the foreground men and women are walking in front of a ...

Continental Market Scene

Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Continental Market Scene Ink on paper 100mm x 150mm Female sellers sitting at their baskets and stalls in a market

Continental Town Scene

Richard Gibbs Henry Toovey (1861-1927) Continental Town Scene Ink on paper 225mm x 150mm A street scene with a woman standing at a market stall. This is one of five etchings by Toovey framed together. ...

Copp's Hotel, High Street, The Market and Wise's Baths

Ink on paper print Copps's Hotel, High Street, The Market And Wise's Baths By John Merridew, 1822 The print depicts a street scene along High Street, Leamington Spa. Copp's Hotel is to the left and a ...

Coronation Celebrations

Schoolchildren gather in square to celebrate the coronation of George V.

Covent Garden Market

R.B. Gardiner Covent Garden Market, 1953 Ink on paper 250mm x 375mm A scene depicting Covent Garden Market in Leamington Spa.

Covent Garden Market, Leamington Spa

A black and white mounted photograph by William G. Gibbons, April 1957. It is a view of Covent Garden Market, taken from beneath a covered walkway. 175mm x 230mm

Covent Garden Market, Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph. This photograph depicts Covent Garden Market in Leamington Spa. The photograph was taken by William G. Gibbons in April 1957. The market was later replaced by a car park.

Covent Garden Market, Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph by John Wright, 1973-1974. It is a copy of a photograph of Covent Garden Market in the early 1900s. It depicts a carriage to the left, and a covered walkway with shop frontages. ...


Frederick William Newton Whitehead (1853-1938) Dorchester Ink on paper etching 140mm x 225mm Scene of crowds in the market place at Dorchester.