English Coronation Medal - Queen Victoria

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English medal, unknown metal, c.1837

Diameter 50mm

Medal struck to celebrate the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1837. The obverse features the diademed bust of Victoria facing left, she wears an earing and her crown bears crosses interspersed with the rose, shamrock and thistle of England, Ireland and Scotland repectively. The inscription reads 'VICTORIA/ ASCENDED THE BRITISH THRONE JUNE 20th 1837 IN THE 19 YEAR OF HER AGE'. The reverse features Victoria with the sceptre in her right hand and her left hand resting on the orb which stands on a table to her left. Her right foot rests on a lion lying at her feet. To her right stands Britannia, her right hand resting on a shield that bears the Union Flag. To her left stands Justice with the scales in her left hand and a sword over her right shoulder. To the right of Justice sits Fortuna with the cornucopia, or horn of plenty. To the left of Britannia stands a classical female figure holding a ship's rudder and tiller in her right hand, this may symbolise Britain's naval power as well as government. The inscription reads 'CORONATION/ AT WESTMINSTER/ JUNE 28 1838'. A hole as been pierced in the top and is not part of the original design.


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Donor ref:LEAMG : M1238.1936 (66/16927)

Source: Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum

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