William Shakespeare listed as a possible contributor to a local fund to improve the roads, 11 September 1611. Page 1

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Date:11th of September 1611

Description:In the early seventeenth century, several attempts were made to bring forward legislation to improve the state of the roads. Money was needed to promote this and local subscription lists were opened. In Stratford a list of seventy-one townsmen was prepared, although only one donation is recorded.

William Shakespeare was included in this list but his name was added as an afterthought and stands alone to the right of the main column. This is probably evidence of his frequent absences in London, leading the compiler of the list initially to overlook him. His name was then added at approximately the level it would have been included: that is, after the names of the aldermen, but alongside those of other local gentry.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust reference: BRU 15/1/4