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Wooden articulated 'Jolly Boy' puppet.


These Punch and Judy puppets have painted papier-mache heads and hats, mounted onto turned wood sticks. They may have been used in professional puppet shows rather than as children's toys.


These glove puppets represent 'Sooty' and 'Sweep', two popular puppet characters on children's television. They are made from fur fabric, and belonged to a brother and sister called Sophie and Jeremy ...

Tip-Cat (detail)

The tip-cat is made of polished wood and has a handwritten inscription in ink : 'This was Joseph Yeats' tip cat when he was a boy about 8 years old 1768. Wm. Yeats his son owned it... being stolen by ...

Toy Animals

These toy circus animals were made by the American firm of Schoenhut. They are made of wood, with jointed legs and necks.

Toy Dinner Service

This toy dinner service was made in England by Ridgways. It consists of dinner plates, serving dishes, and sauce boats.

Toy Horse

This carved and painted wooden horse is mounted on a wheeled platform so that it can be pulled along.

Toy Train

Wooden train made by German prisoners of war.

Toy Train

This painted wooden train set dates from the mid 19th century, and was probably made in Germany. The complete set consists of an engine and nine coaches, with a wooden track and six trees. Mid 19th ...

Train Set

This train set was made by 'Hornby', the firm founded by Frank Hornby at the start of the 20th century. 'Hornby' began making the construction toy 'Meccano' in 1907, and introduced toy trains in 1920.

Wooden Toys

These wooden toys were made during World War II (1939 - 1945). They were made by German prisoners of war, who were doing agricultural work in the Warwick area. They were made for the children of a ...